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Picked up an 8' Hydro/Runabout thing last weekend, what is it?

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    Lot of parts came in the past few days, couple questions for the hive mind:

    1. I just filled the gas tank and now I want to rebuild the carb. The fuel shutoff is on the carb. Any tricks here? Or just carefully dump it all back into a container and remove the carb?

    2. What style of prop should I be running?


    • ZUL8TR
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      1.Drain the tank
      2.The prop in the pictures as a start.

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    Rebuilt carb:

    Was then waiting on gearcase, finally picked that up last week, wanted to get on the water a few days ago. Was rigging the hull but all the parts from Portage Bay to hook up the remote throttle were pretty poorly made, nothing fit, center to center of the holes was off, then it was contacting the choke mechanism, then it was hitting the advance/throttle lever, started chewing away at things with my grinder to make stuff fit, needed a few more MM of clearance and wound up cracking my coil mounting plate. Pissed. So it looks like I'm done this year.