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Wild One's Regatta September 8-9 and Racer School Sept 7 - Grass Lake

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  • Wild One's Regatta September 8-9 and Racer School Sept 7 - Grass Lake

    It's almost time to head back to MHRA's hometown racecourse in the Village of Grass Lake. The annual Wild One's Regatta is quickly approaching September 8-9, 2012. The sanction can be found at: https://www.apba-racing.com/races/20...s-regatta-2588.
    All Stock and J classes will be run (if you run 25SSH, DSH, or DSR, please check with fellow racers to make sure you have enough to race). A 20 minute marathon will also be held on both days of racing.

    MHRA's third racer school will take place on Friday September 7 from 1-4pm. We are open to anyone willing to help. We will need patrol boat drivers, course setup help, kevlar fitters, boat holders, etc. - this is a FULL SCHOOL, help is appreciated.

    Saturday evening there will be a dinner at the Train Depot downtown that will be provided by some of the Ladies of Grass Lake, donations will be accepted.

    Don't miss it! Just because it's not the Nationals doesn't mean it's any less of an event!
    Elek Hutchinson

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    The Outlaw racing team will be there with 2 DSR's


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      Do you have a poster image for this race? I would love to put it up as latest news!

      Welcome to hydroracer, we hope you enjoy your visit.


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        after dredgeing crooked river with my 55h i hope to have every thing together for grass lake so count one more d


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          Wild One Graphic


          Have you or your team set up a social network page yet? Do your part to expose and promote the sport when you’re not racing and create a presence online today.


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            Sanction is approved!
            1- 20SSH Team Hutch
            1- 20SSH Team Lisius
            2 - ASH Team Lisius
            Elek Hutchinson


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              Well Done!

              Elek and MHRA Team,

              Awesome job having another Driving School!



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                Is this the "roll call" tread too????

                If So..Team Casual..,ASR/3 25SSR/2 CSR/1 CSR Marathon/1 25SSR Marathon..(Sat)
                ASR/4 25SSR/2 CSR/2 CSR Marathon/1 25SSR Marathon..(Sun)

                Or something close...

                It's my understanding that Rick Wagner Jr is going to be an Honorary Member of Team Casual for the Marathon(s)...
                Roger A 68M
                Team Casual


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                  Deck racing from ohio will be there.
                  bsr marathon


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                    We will be taking volunteers to help live stream as well!
                    Elek Hutchinson


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                      Race Recap

                      Saturday was blown out - the wind blew from the West, Northwest all day with gusts up to 20-25 mph... even when not racing, we still had a casualty to an Easy-Up - MHRA Member Mike Deck had to run to the E.R. to find a broken, fractured finger... turned out it made him drive pretty well on Sunday though!

                      Due to Saturday's conditions, folks chasing high points, and "3 over 2" in select classes (JH, JR, ASH, ASR, 20SSH, CSH, CSR), we went to one heat racing to get through the whole weekends racing in one day. Entries overall including the marathon were 200 for the entire weekend - pretty good for a light turnout!

                      Exact results I do not have, but those I am sure of is:

                      T.J. Johnston stole a start in CSH to almost hold off Joe Pater - that race finish was Pater, T.J., Miskerik.

                      Mike Pavlick swept 20ssh, winning all 3 days - Top 3 finishes were:

                      Pavlick, Trolian, Lisius
                      Pavlick, Trolian, Hutchinson
                      Pavlick, Hutchinson, Lisius

                      Grant Hearn swept all 3 days of JR

                      One GREAT race of ASR with a serious TIE between T. Kerr and Dave Bennett - both were awarded 400 points.
                      Other 2 races were Bennett or Kerr winning, Jake Alkema driving well for 3rds.

                      Rachel Warnock wins one race of ASH with Brewster's Sidewinder - Callie Shensky running a strong 2nd with Sidewinder power as well.
                      Bennet wins 1, possibly 2 other races in ASH?

                      Ed Hearn smokes the competition in race 1 of BSH, then a great battle in race 2 between Tom Sutherland and Tim Sidor, only to have Sidor throw a blade on the last lap in turn 2 to give Sutherland the win.

                      Ed Hearn wins both days of 25SSR.

                      Dean Sutherland wins race 1 of CSR, Joe Pater wins race 2, and 3 (?)

                      4 DSR's in short course!!!
                      Pretty full field of ASH - 8-9 boats
                      Pretty full field of 20SSH - 9 boats
                      CSH - 7-8 boats
                      JH - 7-8 boats (3 being new racers!)
                      AXH 6-8 boats

                      I can't remember the Marathon winners, maybe some of them can chime in on this...??? My apologies

                      10 people went through our Racer School on Friday, and turned out to be a HUGE SUCESS!!! 7 of those students went on and raced, and raced well on Sunday! Of those 7, I think we may have them all hooked

                      Fun Stat: Of those 200 entries, 30 were graduates of MHRA Racer School. Those who went through racer school on Friday, were not charged by MHRA to race over this weekend - this is a "good-will" gesture by MHRA, the entry fee, I believe, would not have made a difference if these folks raced or not. Regardless, those 7 people who went through Racer School accounted for 21 entries.

                      Add that together - that is 1/4 of our entries coming from Racer School!! This race was a light turnout without a doubt, and Racer School graduates/participants were the "make it or break it" of whether or not MHRA loses money or breaks even this past weekend. Seems like a pretty d**ned good reason to put some time into doing a racer school, j projects, etc. It does take work to do, but pays out in the end - take these numbers as a prime example.

                      -Elek Hutchinson
                      MHRA - 36M
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                      Elek Hutchinson


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                        Humble Thanks to all

                        A great big thanks to MHRA for putting on the racer's school on 9/7/2012 the heart of our sport is beating loud and clear. The unselfish out pouring of help and guidence by Mr Miskerik Mr Sutherland Mr Hutchinson Mr Kerr and all who came to help. My wife and step-son had the time of their lives and have a memory that will last a life time.

                        For the folks that could'nt make it I want you to know that when my step-son went out for the first heat of JSH the boat would'nt get on plane he stalled in the shoot, he was towed in, and in came this group of vetrens Tom and Dean Sutherland Mark tate, Mark Miskerik what a pit crew as good as it gets. they ajusted the boat gave instruction and off he went. When he was taking off half the pits were leaning as to get him on plane when he did everyone cheered what a sight.

                        Also Big thanks to Deck Racing Mike and the gang for suppling the JSH rig, and hope that your hand gts better fast but I hear your ran better because of it. again the heart of racing SO came shinning through.

                        congrats to all MHRA for putting on a great race you guys ROCK, all the folks that handle registration, drivers mtg good job and thanks. Tracey many thanks for all your help with racers school and the race.

                        One last thing this old boat racer is very greatful to get back on the water its home to me I am honored to be back.

                        Thanks and Best Regards
                        Dan and Linda Vinsant and the Wild Child JUSTIN


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                          Grass Lake

                          Great race, and AWESOME job on the driving school!!!

                          Your Club is putting in a lot of effort to get new drivers and it is really paying off.

                          Well done!!

                          Mike Pavlick


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                            Well said Dan and Mike , as one of the school grads and first time racers , I can't thank you guys (and girl ) enough . I tried to thank everyone personally but if I left anyone out , thank you too ! I'll definitely be racing next season .