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Yamato 102 Coils

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  • Yamato 102 Coils

    I know many have tried this in the past but I believe I have found someone who can rewind 102 coils. I’ve never had a 102 coil apart to see the inner workings of one. I assume the primary and ignition coils are an integrated assembly? Can someone send me a clear picture of the coil so I can forward it to the technician for his opinion before proceeding with trying to rewind one. Person/company we are talking about here is Bill Lopoulos/Magneto Parts in Northbridge Mass. If someone were near Bill they could visit him and talk to him. Does anyone one have photos of one of these coils apart? I know John Adams has played with these quite a bit. If anyone has a 102 coil photo or photos they could send me I will forward them to Bill. My email is dw.andrews1@icloud.com

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    Yes, in fact I think I have already done one. The challenge is locating the spark plug wire. I use a tape-wound process, not a plastic coating. Rewinds are $130 each plus shipping. I recommend send the complete mag, I had fitting challenges on the last one that I did as I didn't have the complete mag

    Let me know


    On Friday, October 7, 2022 at 11:57:38 AM EDT, Doug Andrews <dw.andrews1@icloud.com> wrote:

    Hi Bill. This is what I was talking about earlier with you today. I assume the primary and ignition coil are integrated as one here. I myself have never had one of these apart to have a look see. The spark plug wire presses onto a pin so it is separate from the coil itself. Let me know what you think. I can get a bad one sent to you to have a closer look if you like. Some people have had success rewinding the primary but the secondary wire is really small and they could not do it by hand.

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    Doug Andrews

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      In speaking with Bill he can do anything that has a points ignition system, whether it is automotive, marine, small engine, tractors, etc. his website is magnetoparts.com