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Y-80 Carb and choke help needed.

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  • Y-80 Carb and choke help needed.

    I am having trouble with my choke not resetting to the off position when throttle is applied. I can get it to come off maybe 30% of the time if I really smack the throttle but that isn't sufficient. All the springs on the carb should probably be replaced......are there carburetor rebuild kits for the y-80...? Is there something else I should be looking for....?

    Dave Cofone

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    No rebuild kits I know of maybe T.Johnson , Rick Montoya, Tom Cronk ?
    Post some detailed pics so a comparison can be made of your levers and springs.
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      It’s a Mikuni BV30. You won’t find a specific rebuild kit for it. Most likely have to make gaskets and find matching components. Once a carburetor is discontinued by Mikuni they clear out the inventory and your stuck trying to find components in the nether reaches of the globe. Spoke with Mikuni’s lead engineer about another carb I have here that I run on my enticer 250, TMS38. This was their most advanced carburetor they ever made but it just didn’t sell, they discontinued it and cleared out the warehouse of all the carbs and parts. The BV has been superseded by the BN series used in watercraft. Most BV’s were found on bikes, golf carts and lawnmowers. Most likely your carb needs a good cleaning, soak in carb cleaner and blow out the passes etc. and reassemble.
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