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Shoulder is shot, Fresh Y-80, Prop and Hardware for sale.

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  • Shoulder is shot, Fresh Y-80, Prop and Hardware for sale.

    So the results of my MRI show a full thickness tear of my right shoulder rotator cuff. A partial upper bicep tendon tear and torn cartilage. So it looks like I will be out for 2021 altogether Covid or not. At this point I just give up. At least I got to go out on a test permit. I am selling my fresh Y-80, three blade Dewald prop purchased new by me. Hull hardware. The hull is free and in my opinion NOT safe without major repair. I am also selling my size large Lifeline jacket, cert. 03/19. purchased new by me. I will also let my cut suit (Slash Pro), cut socks and gloves go for FREE (my cost $490.00) if someone buys the whole package. I'm keeping my Helmet. email or message me if interested and we can talk prices. Also I cannot deliver any of this. It must be picked up from me in person.
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    I'm too far away to strike a deal, but sorry to hear about your shoulder. I'm sure that's a tough pill to swallow.

    If it comes to a full part out of stuff ill we can talk on a few things, but lets see if anyone steps up on the whole package.


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      Where are you located?


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        Sorry, the only thing I have left is the Cut Suit, gloves and socks. If interested I live in Middletown NJ.