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Hal Kelly Wet Back For Sale, heritage boat, family heirloom sale. PM for pictures

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  • Hal Kelly Wet Back For Sale, heritage boat, family heirloom sale. PM for pictures

    My Dad and I built this Wet Back when I was 10 years old in 1972, to help me improve (it was bribery) my math grades from going into Elementary School to High School. It didn’t help my marks but I good a real cool boat, originally it ran a Merc 30H on the boat and it ran great. My Dad, Grandpa and two Uncles had a Merc factory sponsored race team back in the 50’ & 60’s which was very popular around the Canadian and America Pacific Northwest. These were the original plans that also built a race boat for my Uncle but my Dad said the hull was too so for him.
    I’ve come to terms with my “Tweety” boat now, it needs to find a new room where someone can run or hang from a wall and enjoy its history of yesteryear. It’s a full race boat, aircraft fabric front nose, 1/8” mahogany side deck, 1/4” bottom, my Dad added all the illegal some tricks from back in his racing days. Full length air traps, he lengthened the sponsons, just little idiosyncrasies, I was just 10 but I remember him talking to my Uncle Bob about adding secrets.
    At our Summer place on the lake, my Grandpa, Dad and Uncles would sit on the beach in a lawn chair then bet on how much I’d win in “rat races” on a fuel of gas, when guys would come up to me and bet they could beat me in a race. I would only bet them a $1.00.
    I’m not asking any extra for sentimental value. I won’t charge for a crating fee. I won’t charge you extra for it going to a nice new home. It’s been stored in a vacuum bag for the past 10 years. I ran twice with a 25xs, it was great fun with the memories.
    Make me an offer $$$$. Private message me for pictures.

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    PM sent
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      Having issues downloading pictures, getting help from my tech support, my son. Thank you


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        Email me @ raqa@telus.net and I’ll send you pictures. I can’t post any pictures for some reason. Kinda weird I always have been able too.
        thanks Rod


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          Some Teasers


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