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For Sale - Pavlick hydroplane

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  • For Sale - Pavlick hydroplane

    Pav-1.jpg Pav-2.jpg Pav-3.jpg Pav-4.jpg Pav-5.jpg Pav-6.jpg

    For Sale... Pavlick hydroplane in great condition, perfect boat for 300ssh/20ssh/Bsh

    Hydro comes with all Keller hardware ( Just add a motor & turn fin...and go racing! )

    This boat was originally owned and raced by Bob Wartinger, also raced by Frank Banducci Racing (region-9) and scored a 2nd place finish in May of 2019 in Novice C hydro (region-10)

    This Hydroplane has a few unique build features like: Off-set cock pit, left/right sponsons have different width/lengths for corner speed, and a deep "S" style air pocket built into the front air traps for packing air under the boat.

    Length: 119.5"
    Width: 62.5"
    Bottom Width: 35"
    After Plane: 69.5"
    Sponson Depth: 1.75"
    air trap depth: .5" at rear of the boat
    cock pit width: 14.75"
    weight: 135 lbs with hardware installed

    Asking $800 for the boat, including all the hardware. Very willing to listen to any reasonable offers.

    I'm currently looking to buy Bsh/20ssh Propellers and would consider swapping the Hydro for a few Props or Yamato-80/302 motors/parts.

    Boat is located in Region 10 - Seattle,WA. If you are planning on attending the National meetings... Take this boat home with you!!

    Email me at

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      Still for sale or trade

      It would be a shame to see this boat sitting on the trailer all summer.