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    I'm in search of an engine and have decided that I am pretty much down to either a 102 or a 302. Of course that is if I actually even have a choice since these don't grow on trees I will buy the best one that comes along. I plan on racing CSH and will probably be very close to the minimum weight and of course I am a rookie. Given these parameters what would be the better buy.....? I'm trying to figure out how to word this so the Throttled crew doesn't skewer me on their next podcast.....

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    If you have anything to say to the “Throttled Crew” feel free to give me a call. Never were you the target of anything negative, if you listen to the episode. I said there were rookies asking questions and thanked those on hydroracer for taking time to answer your questions as well as the others who have been asking questions. I met you at Millville and offered assistance when you first started posting. I first started the podcast for people like yourself and well as seasoned racers, to gain insight into the world of stock outboard racing. The amount of time and effort we have put into this project plus building our racing programs into what they are, it’s pretty annoying to have someone call you out when we are only trying to grow the sport.
    Good luck in your future ventures.
    -Throttled Crew
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    Johnny Wlodarski III


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      Woa, slow down here. I clearly responded in a light hearted way right from the start and even said how much I enjoy the podcast suggesting that those who might not have tuned in do so. I guess humor is hard to express over the internet or from behind a keyboard but, you are completely wrong on my intentions. Lesson learned, I will keep my questions straight to the point without any attempt at humor or thinking I belong to a group until folks get to know me better.


      • laddies
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        Never question a member of the good old boys club

      • Dave Cofone
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        laddies, please enlighten me via email. I'd like to know about the obvious politics involved here. So many people have been so helpful and just plain generous to me. I know every organization has it's problems and politics. I am in the market for a trailer, engine, cut suit, helmet, spares etc. That will be costly. I'd like to what land mines, if any there are before I really start spending.......

      • Stocksquad69
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        What is the Good Old Boys Club?

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      You want a 302. You will have to look harder than you would if you went with the 102 but ignition parts are non-existent for it.

      I will keep my eyes out and ask around.


      Shawn Breisacher


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        Yes, you will be happier with a 302, due to a better ignition. The coils on the 102 are weak and new ones not available. Now the rules allow you to put a 302 ignition on a 102 but that will cost about the same as buying a 102. Long course record runs may give an edge to a 102 but typical local races are dominated by the 302.


        • GrandpaRacer
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          Also, the 302 has a shorter tower so about an inch lower CG.

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        So when you say it will take some time to find a 302 are we talking used or are they available new and sealed right away.....?


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          The 302 is not available new. If you are looking to run 300SSH you will have to get a 321 either new or used.


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            Dave, I was able to purchase 3 302 motors and 1 80 motor. They just recently arrived, I need to go through them still to see what they need if anything.

            These were purchased with new drivers like yourself in mind, to help get you started. Call me anytime to discuss.

            I was the one with the impact gun at Millville. Howie 321-626-0666
            444-B now 4-F
            Avatar photo credit - F. Pierce Williams


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              Like I said before the Engine search can be discouraging but it will work out and be worth it trust me. Do you have everything else in place Helmet, cut suit, Trailer, Dolly, Tools etc etc. Don't forget about theses things also. See you at Region 3 events.


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                Once again, the 99% to the resque....and those aren't bad odds. As for a cut suit I am going to buy new. I am still up in the air about a trailer, not sure which way I want to go. Helmet is taken care of, plenty of tools a generator and lots of tools all of which I will share at the races. No dolly or spare parts yet but that is probably obvious. I am leaning toward 300ssh just due to the fact that I don't have to test props. And I get a newer motor BUT CSH is definitely still a possibility as I hear getting a 321 can take a long time.....Thanks for all the support and I will get back to everyone who PMed me. Thanks for all your help, I'm going to need it. Oh and one more thing, I think my brother has plans to dip his toe into the water so there may be another new racer in 2019.....


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                  I have a open Trailer that is available and in excellent condition most of it is new pulls Awesome and is registered. $1200.00 firm


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                    Call Howie, He is the APBA president. I will put up a post on FB because the motors are out there. A few don't post on here
                    sigpicWayne DiGiacomo


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                      Buy the 321 rig justin just posted!
                      sigpicWayne DiGiacomo