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    Back to tools I’m more comfortable with. Sanded down the remainder of the raised section that was used to mount the plexiglass with a grinder and flap wheel. With it sanded down another test fit convinced me that the new cowl will cover the damage once cleaned up and sealed.


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      It should be ready for some rookie laps in two weeks when we run the Last Blast.
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        Well, summer is over.
        Not one I care to repeat if I'm honest but one of the highlights was getting this thing out in the sunshine and putting no less than 8 different rookies in this boat over the course of 2 days!
        We had help from some locals lending appropriate sized safety gear and a prop when needed. Good times were had by all.
        We had everything from people who had only ever been in a pleasure boat to an inboard racer in this thing and it really is quite stable at 1.25" below and 1.5* of tuck. We jacked the motor up 1/2" for one round on a more experienced driver and the boat was still very stable. In all, it may not be a world beater but it's a great boat for people who want to wet their feet. At the rookie set up the boat would run about 50mph. Plenty fast to give people a taste without putting them at too much risk.
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