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Cut Socks, this is what I got

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  • Cut Socks, this is what I got

    I just found some cut socks that, while not perfect, are better than most Hockey Cut Socks. I purchased a pair of Bauer NG 37.5 Elite Cut Resistance Skate Socks. Most Hockey socks only protect from the knee down to the heel. These are the only ones I found that protect from the knee, down to the heel and around the top of the foot. ASTM cut level 3. If anyone is interested I paid $35.00 for one pair at Ice Warehouse Hockey online. They ship same day as they have them in stock....

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    Thank you for this tip. I purchased Kevlar socks from lifeline two years ago for $85 and never wore them because we didn't have to I also purchased lifelines boots for $185 which promptly fell apart. Now, my Kevlar socks are Lost I have been looking for them for a month I guess I will have to bite the bullet and go to the hockey store I also see you guys talking on here about D Walt Kevlar boots where can you get them? 522P


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    George, I bought the SRP Kevlar boots this winter and have worn them a handful of times in the boat so far this year and I like them a lot. they are much more comfortable than I was expecting them to be.
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      remember guys, Hockey Socks do not protect the foot itself. everyone i've looked at covers the leg section from the heel up as it is to protect from skate blades. the foot itself is well protected in the skate so they do not put the cut resistant material there.

      Rule is delayed at this point too (to my knowledge)...Hockey Socks may be better than nothing, but don't panic buy based on rules not being enforced yet.

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        This is true of most Hockey cut socks. These however cover the 360 degree's from knee to just before the toes. The top and bottom of the foot is will need toe protection in the form of a steel, aluminum or composite toe shoe....

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      What I heard is that APBA has the rule on hold and is working to find a supplier to make socks that have the right spec for the whole foot. The way it sounded APBA is going to have them made and then sell them to members.


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        Haven't been on here in a loooooong time.

        Missed me ?

        So for Franklin next week I can get by with my steel tow high tops ?

        I have an old pair of sleeves I was going to cut off and make a pair of socks out of would they be legal or do they need some kind of designer label / tag ?

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