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  • New BSR class

    Does anyone see this class gaining traction? I see some SW 20ís becoming available and our
    team would like to put something together, but would like to know if we are not alone. Last year looked like a few Merc boats running.
    Chris Fabbro 2-F CSR / Carson Fabbro 95-F 25ssr, CSR, CSH, 300SSH / Greg Fabbro 63-F CSR, 25SSR

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    I am strongly considering the class for next year. Would love to see more runabouts out there and I hear nothing but great things about the ride.
    Shawn Breisacher


    • Flatiron
      Flatiron commented
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      As a second class right Shawn ?

    • 3rd Chance
      3rd Chance commented
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      Yes sir. Would love to see this be a roll up class.

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    BSR and BSH are the greatest rides out there in my opinion. Hereís the problem right now. The 20 SW is not currently a reliable motor. I know a lot of guys that have burned up pistons, broken rings, ignition problems etc. Most people have either sold or shelved there motors until a solution comes along. Last I heard the bridge in the sleeves of the 20 was going to be widened to solve the piston and ring issues, that was months ago. I havenít heard anything more about. Itís going to take a lot to bring people back to the SW 20. I myself was really hoping the 20 was going to be a great motor. I was looking at it as a replacement for my Y80ís. The weight, electric start, the drivability. There was so much promise with the new motor. Now there are a lot of question marks and uncertainty surrounding the SW 20 and SideWinder LLC for that matter.


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      Maybe the SW people would update us on the issues mentioned?


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        Any motor program is going to have issues to be worked through and things like these can be sorted out and fixed. Hopefully the next generation of the SW20 will address these problems.
        The biggest issues with the whole SW program is lack of motors, lack of updates on info on the new design and lack of hard delivery dates.

        The builder is doing everything he can and seems to be at the mercy of the owner and the suppliers of parts.

        I truly hope the APBA can pressure the owner to either fund the production of these motors properly, or relinquish control and ownership to an entity that will handle it properly and is able to scale production accordingly.

        The 15 SW is now a great motor and very reliable. There is no reason the 20SW can't be as well.

        I would love to see the APBA be able to steer its course towards not being defendant on a Yamato motor supply. Envision APBA classes based on a readily available AMERICAN made motor that is reliable and parts are easily obtained.


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          I talked to Ed yesterday and the 20ís are only waiting a few new components/upgrades which include a new rod ( to replace faulty ones made by his supplier), new flywheel, and one other small piece I canít remember. He sounded hopeful that engines will be available soon. A batch of 15ís are about ready to ship.
          Chris Fabbro 2-F CSR / Carson Fabbro 95-F 25ssr, CSR, CSH, 300SSH / Greg Fabbro 63-F CSR, 25SSR


          • Peter24m
            Peter24m commented
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            I have a 20 sidewinder for sale, can bring to jesup ready to race.