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Live From The Winter Nationals

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  • Live From The Winter Nationals

    I need my boat race fix this weekend. Lets keep it up like i did for the National meeting. Some of us have to stay home and do housework for the better half. Plus I get like 10 weekend passes for staying home. Have fun be safe and bring home a National Championship Mikey
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    mike ross

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    Who Dat...........

    Originally posted by 371-M
    Here is Joe Z Helping a new guy to the 25xs class (Sorry I dont recall their names- I know they were from new york) at lake Diaz near Deland Fl. on wednsday,- weather was PERFECT! also Justin G. from WI. Who indicated he really enjoy's Brats,Cheese, And Beer!- go figure!
    Joey is selling a 25ssh rig to "Neon Ian Christopher" from Long Island!! Ian is sporting a new R&R Trailer he and George Luce just outfitted with racks and bunks!

    Stay dry this weekend boys! Looks like rain coming your way!


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      Hopefully some video too!

      I want to see KB's new rocket ship and the first turn video of CSR.
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        The internet gods are smiling on us today . Just sitting here at my desk and looking at the first pics to be posted................thank you, thank you .



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          Tell em' I'm out on the west coast where it don't ever rain....

          Cuz it sure rains in the east! Think grass lake storm last nationals time 2....pooring! 50mph winds! Tornado warnings! Sitting in a rental car with Lambardo and Mckay watching it all come down. Didn't make any testing but there were the usual suspects out at the crack of dawn to beat the rain at other FL lakes. Hopefully a little dryer tomorrow for the first heats.
          Kyle Bahl

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            Rainy day in Ocoee

            Factory support for the KampKurz/B&H was spotted in Ocoee, and the hydro of Billy Allen was tested long and hard starting this early morning. Other notables made it to the testing site and set-ups were determined.
            Yes, it is raining like crazy, and we might be getting more of the same for tomorrow morning. Should clear up in the afternoon with weather to improve for Saturday and Sunday.
            Nice to be in Florida... or should I say it's nice to NOT be in northern Michigan in March.
            If I get a chance, I will try to update on the action. KampKurz


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              The early bird catches the Worm!
              Twisted Sister


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                With the rain and storms what is the latest for Friday races?
                "Keep Move'n" life is catching up!
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                  Updated weather forecast on portal page on Machined Components ad. Looks to be still wet in Ocoee! Moved post to latest news, hopefully some in pits reporters will keep us all updated.

                  Welcome to hydroracer, we hope you enjoy your visit.


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                    Rainy update.

                    As 'Racer' and I enjoyed morning coffee, we received a call from Billy saying that everyone was standing around,(I'll assume under the gazebo), while waiting for 'the word'. It rained all night and still does. According to local weather, we should see rain until around 5:00 this evening. Saturday and Sunday will be sunny.
                    Will update when it matters.


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                      OFF FACEBOOK ....Racing has been cancelled for Friday. Off to the oyster bar for beer and lunch!


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                        I got a text from KB at approx 7 AM Seattle time saying he and Team Red were headed off to the Hot Tub. Sounds like another long day there....


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                          Racing was canceled for today. We will begin at 9 am tomorrow (Sat) morning. CSH first class on the water with 19 entries!! Weather looks good, pray for the winds to stay low!!
                          444-B now 4-F
                          Avatar photo credit - F. Pierce Williams


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                            Great! Please keep us (non-twittering, non-facebook people) in the loop!
                            Twisted Sister


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                              Originally posted by L. Allen View Post
                              Great! Please keep us (non-twittering, non-facebook people) in the loop!
                              There is nothing to join or sign up for if you want to watch the live Twitter Feed on HRTV. The technology is amazing in my opinion, you are getting real time results as Dean types them in from his cell phone.

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