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Awards Banquet AND Reg 7 Fall Meeting (Bsoa/Mrc)

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  • Awards Banquet AND Reg 7 Fall Meeting (Bsoa/Mrc)

    Region7 Fall Meeting Schedule - Brat Stop Garden Room

    10:00am - - -Great Lakes Boat Club Meeting.
    12:30pm - - -Coffee and get together
    1:00 pm - - - General Assembly
    1:30 pm - - - K & K Insurance seminar
    3:00 pm - - - Old News, Race Reports, 2011 Prospective Races
    3:30 pm - - - Category Meetings
    4:00 pm - - - Reconvene General Assembly for any follow-up of Region business
    4:30 pm - - - completion of any Category business - Adjournment
    5:00 pm - - - Stock/Mod/Pro Cocktails.......
    6:30 pm - - - Racers Banquet Is Served......
    8:00 pm - - - Awards Ceremony................

    • Halloween Costume Contest - $100 Brat Stop Gift Certificate for the best costume!
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    Bump Up

    Welcome to hydroracer, we hope you enjoy your visit.


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      Originally posted by Kip69w
      Boy or boy....
      With absolutely NO comments on this thread, I sometimes wonder if I think this stuff thru too hard....

      Anywayz, it looks like we've got at least 55 committed attendee's coming to the BSOA-MRC Awards banquet

      Hopefully many will bring their costume's for the after dinner contest for the $100 best costume award (?) PLUS the Brat stop also has their own contest going on. So all who dress up and come have a chance to enter TWO contests
      I'm committed. Or at least I should be...
      Michael J. Mackey
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        I just wanted to take time out to thank everyone that helped to make last nights banquet such a huge success!! Congratulations to all the award winners!! And also congrats to Palmy (Brian Palmquist) aka "Dirty Sanchez" and his woman for winning the costume contest!!! OMG, too funny! Good time had by all! She
        Member - Team Red

        Looking forward to feeling better later!

        Go big or go home!

        2nd Sux!

        "Sorry For Partying"


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          It was a BLAST!!

          What a fun time. Thanks to all who made it happen!


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            So , Who were the Award winners?
            Dim Bulb. Depth finder ect. ? Any multiple winners?


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              Winner of the Best Costume was.....

              Our 2010 Halloween Banquet Costume Winner (by applause)
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                Palmy--looking good!!!


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                  More Pics

                  Worlock is upset that Roger forgot his costume...
                  So he cast's a spell and changes Roger into a . .(you guessed it) A WORLOCK!?
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                    Johnny Shaub ?

                    O M G Check Out Sexy Johnny Whoop - Whoop !
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                      Hey Kip--post the class winners.


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                        2010 Awards Announced !

                        2010 High Points - Marine Racing Club

                        hydroplane 1st Mike Pavlick
                        hydroplane 2nd Dakotah Fairchild
                        hydroplane 3rd John Korbus
                        runabout 1st Bill Pavlick

                        JH / AXSH 1st Carter Olson
                        JR / AXSR 1st Carter Olson

                        Rookie Awards:
                        Cole Olson - Karsten Pavlick - Jared Pavlick

                        2010 High Points - Badger State Outboard

                        JR – Cole Olson CSR – Ryan Burdick
                        JH – Michelle Snyder CSH – Donny Allen

                        AXSR – Jace Scheffler 20SSH – Donny Allen
                        AXSH – Jace Scheffler OSY400 – Ryan Burdick
                        ASR – Jeff Scheffler
                        ASH – Chris Algiers DMH – Lars Terzinski
                        DMR – Rod Terzinski
                        BSR – Jeff Scheffler DSH – Fred Hauenstein

                        BSOA Menzies Award: for amassing the most total points in all Stock Outboard classes raced during the season - Donny Allen

                        Rookie Award: Rookies who have accumulated the most points in their first seasons - Mark Kroll and Dakota Kroll

                        Official 2010 Bsoa & Mrc - GAG AWARDS

                        Tenacious Award: for the one who “Tenaciously” pursuing their passion of boat racing – Kris Shepard; for his outstanding support of boat racing including lending his truck and trailer to some Stock Outboarder's so they can go to their Nationals.

                        Excellence in Patrol Boat Piloting: Paul and Dan Hauenstein; each for wrapping the tow rope around the turn boat prop at Hydrofest in Pleasant Prairie, WI

                        Forgetful Award: Mike Mackey for working so hard every year on the gag awards and then somehow managing to forget one at home

                        Beached Boys Summer Tour Award: Given to John Korbus and Chicago Paul for proving how durable their boats are...

                        The Cork: To Curt Birginal for crashing and destroying his (new to him) CSH at Pleasant Prairie, WI

                        Toilet Seat: To Jeff Scheffler for earning 3 class awards – ASR, BSR, FAR.

                        Dim Bulb: To Mike Pavlick for showing everyone at Rochelle how NOT to test drive a boat for someone else. Mike crashed Justin Gibson’s rig right in front of the pits during testing.

                        Megaphone Award: To Amy Nydahl for pulling her kill switch while testing then, when realizing the drain plugs were not in- yelling at the turn boat to come and get her.

                        Depth Finder: To Donny Allen for crashing his new CSH at Pleasant Prairie, WI.

                        Forgetful Award: Mike Mackey for working so hard every year on the gag awards and then somehow managing to forget one at home.

                        Most exciting heat of the year: Heat 1 of CSH Saturday at Pleasant Prairie, WI. Eleven boats start the heat and before lap one is over; John Korbus goes on an excursion in turn one, and then in turn 2 Curt Birginal gets his rig up on edge right in front of Donny Allen resulting in MANY pieces of wood floating in Lake Andrea.
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