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Region 12 is off and running

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  • Region 12 is off and running

    We just finished our season opener this past weekend at the thanksgiving regatta.WEather was perfect all weekend. We welcomed the j hydro class back.Origally 3 boats were schedulled.Shellby Spencer had some electrical problems unable to get on the water.2nd boat with driver got some test time.Christian Lung the third boat did great getting around the course.Looks like a promising season for the j hydros.We also had a new region class called OMC.THis class was intended for the OMC motors.No mercury or sidewinders.All drivers drivers did great out their.Jarred Wallach took the overall win.Winners in ash was Jared Wallach,20th Kent Gabriels on and in csh Casey Wright.Overall it was a great weekend of racing and all stock racers stayed.ALmost forgot we added a new c hydro driver .I put him in my rig for Saturday which he will be buying from me.So if the thanksgiving regatta was indication we should have a great 2015 season.Our next race will be at lake ming in Bakersfield in march.Everyone have a great holiday.

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    The OMC class does include the mercury.Need to get my facts straight before writing cough some of you will know what I mean.sidenote 2 a runabout in Region 12 racing region 11 till we get more boats.Csr some drivers are looking at .


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      I have a question that was never really answered in the Facebook Region 12 ASH page. Why are you guys not running 200ccmh or as it used to be called Formula A hydro? This OMC A class you just ran at Parker is essentially the 200ccmh class. If the goal of these racers is to race their OMC 15 A engines without sidewinders then why not run the MOD equivalent to your OMC A class? Plus if you run 200ccmh you could actually modify your A motors up to 18 horsepower, it usually brings the top speed of the same 15hp OMC motor to almost 59-60 mph. To me as an outside observer or region 12 racing, but an SORC member, this OMC A class seems redundant to a class that already exists. Granted it's not a stock class, but racing is racing. I think Originally this OMC A class was going to be run at Parker as the Classic A class (correct me if I'm wrong), as OMC is close to the 25 year out of production date that would give it viability in the classic stock classes. The OMC is not listed as a legal motor in that class yet. I'm sure that will be discussed in Detroit next month. Just curious as to the thinking of running a local class for no points to running a national class (200ccmh) for points.....
      Kyle Bahl

      "He didn't bump you, he didn't nudge you, he rubbed you, and rubbin' son is racin'!"


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        My brother and I would like to sincerely and respectfully answer your question. We have been involved with A Stock Hydro since February 2013 and raced our first race in August of 2013 at the Sprint Nationals in Long Beach, so we are relatively new to the hobby. What attracted us to A Stock was the competiveness and the affordability. The concept of running 50+ MPH on a fishing motor with readily available parts from multiple sources made it easy to learn and support the OMC 15HP. The flexibility for one engine to be compete in J hydro, AXH and ASH meant the whole family could enjoy racing and grow together with the same equipment. With the dominance of the Sidewinder, this is no longer the case. That is the sole prerogative of the Stock Outboard Racing Committee and we accept that reality.

        We believe the OMC is fully eligible for ACH and running a stock motor in a modified class wouldn’t be ideal. It would work until the first modified OMC showed up and then the stock motors would no longer be completive and the same situation would exist as it is now. It also requires a separate license. We are not interested in going faster in an A Stock. We feel that if we want more speed we would move up to B or C.

        Our whole desire is to be completive with our equipment and to have at least one class where we can win without depending on luck of a Sidewinder not starting. It is interesting to note, every racer who raced our local class raced in ASH as well. So allowing the OMC in ACH only gives racers more opportunity to get time on the water without taking away from ASH. It makes sense to revive a class (ACH) that is not being utilized that the OMC is eligible to run. So, how would this have an effect on the KG4 engines that are currently allowed to run? We believe this would only encourage them to race since there would be enough racers to make a legal heat.

        As you are aware, Stock Outboard Winter Nationals are scheduled in our region. We have no interest in racing ASH, but if the OMC was allowed in ACH and ACH was on the sanction, there are racers who would compete in both with their OMCs along with us.

        For these reasons and many more we have submitted a formal proposal to David Hale to being to committee. If the OMC is brought in to ACH, the local class we have now will be converted to ACH and other clubs could offer this national class.

        Thank you for your interest in this topic. If you would like to speak to us personally, feel free to contact us.

        Best regards,
        Andy Jones 22c & Casey Jones 72c

        Andy’s Cell 909-670-9328
        Casey’s Cell 909-821-5551

        We have more info on our Facebook Group devoted to OMC at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1490131567935956/ . It would be a pleasure for you to join.


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          Thank you for your reply. I was very curious as the reasoning. You mention the extra license to run MOD. The Stock license in APBA is $185. The 'Super' license of Stock, MOD, PRO is $220. $35 extra doesn't seem like much to run MOD or PRO, but that's just me. I do realize the Modified OMC's would potentially be a problem if you all went that route. I used to race the class about 14 years ago, but I don't recall a modified OMC costing all that much. I will admit I don't know the overall cost currently. I would guesstimate it at around $1000 or less.I digress though. My main point is the redundancy of the classes in APBA 'A' stock with an OMC. Here is a list of current classes to run a 15hp OMC engine:

          JH, JR (for the kids of course)
          AXH, AXR (there is no age limit)
          200ccmh, 200ccmr
          and don't forget: K-PRO (ASH with no weight and SW is not a legal motor But there is an age limit)

          That's 4 hydro and 3 runabout, excluding the J's. But there are currently 3 different hydro classes to choose from to run an OMC without running against a SW. Putting the OMC in the classic division probably makes sense motor wise (because of age), but does it really? Look at the options already available. The classic A class was thought up originally 2-3 years ago for the older motors of yesteryear. The mercs. The 'A' KG4 now had a place to race. Currently no one is taking advantage of that. But what if they did? and OMC was now in that class? Would there be parity issues? Would a KG4 guy be upset with running against the newer (relatively) faster motor? Now the same issue with OMC and SW has moved to a different class with the same issue.

          My point is this. Why create a new class (that's essentially what is happening since no one currently runs ACH) when there are 3 different options available in APBA? How many classes do we need that go between 55-58 mph with the same motor? To me it just seems unnecessary.
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          Kyle Bahl

          "He didn't bump you, he didn't nudge you, he rubbed you, and rubbin' son is racin'!"


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            We agree there are too many classes, which is why we would like to revive an existing class instead of creating one. We don’t consider mod or pro as options because we are pretty new in the sport and do not have an interested in racing in advanced classes, let alone B or C hydro at this time. Let’s put these classes aside for this discussion.

            The OMC is a very versatile engine and can be used in many classes but, it is no longer the “motor of choice” in any stock class. IN J class, the Mercury has an edge the OMC in both J and AX with the current restrictor plates. As the official “motor of choice”, the Sidewinder is dominant in A stock classes. We are pleased to see the J committee values the role the OMC plays and is making changes to keep it competitive and we would like to encourage stock outboard to continue with the same.

            The SO rules state, “Every attempt will be made to keep our older motors reasonably competitive.” We believe the committee has shown this to be the case by recent rules changes made. However the changes made have not yielded the desired results. We believe ACH can help transition A stock to the new motor while keeping the OMC in a competitive a class dedicated to keeping older motors racing.

            Q: Does it make sense to allow the OMC in classic?
            A: Yes, for the safety of the other racers in the more advanced classes like mod and pro. Newer racers should be able to cut their teeth in stocks where speeds are slower and the margin for error is less. There is still a large population of OMCs and the parts are still available from multiple sources. The motor could be kept alive even longer if additional casting numbers were permitted. They are the most affordable motor to start in stock outboard and have proven themselves for almost 30 years.

            Q: What if someone races classic with a KG4, how will parity be maintained?
            A: We would be very pleased for the KG4s to come out of retirement and compete. The current classic rules allow a ¾” motor height. The OMC could be brought in on a probationary status at 1” to keep parity and evaluated after the first year.

            Q: How many classes do we need that go between 55-58 mph with the same motor?
            A: As many needed to keep stock outboard racing safe, affordable and competitive for new and youth racers. In stocks, there is only one class in the 55-58mph speed range for hydros that we are aware of, ASH with a Sidewinder. We may be a tad slow but we run 53 -54mph in A stock and have been pretty completive. Currently, A stock is the lowest class and lends itself best towards beginners to compete and learn. We have youth getting involved and they need a safe and affordable class to start in stock once they progress out of J and AXH. ACH would retain the slower speeds and keep affordability in stock outboard. It also would keep consistency for allowing all ages of the family to be completive in age appropriate classes with the same equipment.

            The SCSC Older Motor Class (OMC) is a proven this model for the committee to look at when discussing the question of allowing the OMC into ACH and the effects on ASH. In closing, we want encourage the SORC to develop a phase out plan for OMC so racers have an idea on what to expect and can plan for the changes before they happen.


            Casey & Andy Jones


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              Kyle, The reason why I choose the OMC class is simple. It allows me to be competitive with my omc. I won't race JH and AX because the mercury is way faster and the restrictor is not competitive. I do not wish to race ASH anymore because it is a battle for 2nd unless of a really bad start for the sw lol. I would race 200ccmh but i would have to mod the motor (which i do not own, it is my dads and he doesn't want me to do that) and even if i did that would mean my brother who is gonna start racing jh/ax couldnt be legal with the mod motor. K-pro is cool, but the pro membership is not worth it and i dont know if other people would sign up for the membership just for apba points. That leaves me with one option for the remainder of my stock outboard career. OMC A hydro. This allows me to be competitive, not mod the motor, and allow my brother to race legally. I know i am not getting APBA points, but i am perfectly fine with that. Thanks, Jared Wallach -18c