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"Nordic Boats & SBRA Present the Inagural Puddingstone Invitational"

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  • "Nordic Boats & SBRA Present the Inagural Puddingstone Invitational"

    "Nordic Boats & SBRA Present the Inagural Puddingstone Invitational - March 28 & 29 "

    APBA Sanction Number 2206

    This is an APBA race, scheduled for March 28-29, 2009. Inboards, Western Tunnel Series, Classic Outboards, J Classes, AXS Hydro, Stock Outboards, Nostalgia, Inboard Endurance, including GN and Comp Jet...

    The Comp Jet Rep.........Terry Valore has come up with a GREAT IDEA...He suggested a 50/50 raffle at each race with the 50 per cent going to the winner and the other 50% going to patrol boat EXPENSES and maintainace....This is such a great idea, I feel like taking credit for it...We can run a 50/50 raffle each day at Puddingstone...I'll make it happen...

    Shaker Shirts will have shirts done by Tuesday...or Wednesday (next week, 2/20/09)...I'll be "PIMPING" them door to door...The T-Shirts will cause us to make money, if we sell them...

    Bill Boyes will be Referee
    Kay Boyes is Chief Scorer
    Doug Rae is Assistant Referee and WTT Series Referee.
    Scott "HOLLYWOOD" Schatz is Race Director....
    Bobby Peeples is Race Chairman
    Assistant Race Chairman and ANNOUNCER is Julian Rucki
    Roger Carr is Inspector
    Laurie Stern will be starter

    Nordic Boats is TITLE SPONSOR

    www.hillmarine.com and www.boatracingfacts.com are chief promoters of this event...

    All Classic, Fiber Glassic, Antique Outboard, and general show boat are invited..

    $8.00 a day per car load will be charged to everyone...

    Entry fee are $75 per day with $40 step up...

    Fax entries to 530-751-1024

    Series Rules for 45 SST on Entry.

    No refunds on first day's entry//If we get rained out, we'll need your money....Bring your friends, buy T-Shirts as T-Shirts are the our profit and loss area...

    See you there..

    Oh, we are going to charge $50 for the weekend for "DRY" camping...paid in cash to RON HILL...LOL...$50 to camp ain't bad..

    Jeff Ohla is working with Rudy's of Foothill Ranch, to have them bring their semi up and give out FREE SLIDERS...not SHOOTERS...

    Greg Foster will be racing 45 SST in Hill Racing's number 2 boat...stay tuned to see the MADMAN Across the Water...
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