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Where in the World is Oroville, CA?

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  • Where in the World is Oroville, CA?

    Where is Oroville, California? Is this the site of the 2010 Outboard Summer Nationals? My son Ron competes in 20ss and C stock hydro and my nephew Aaron won the AXS hydro NATIONALS IN MICHIGAN LAST SUMMER. We might try to make it down your way if Ron's school doesn't have workshops.

    The Racing Teachers
    From Yakima, WA

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    I hear tell there is very good rock climbing right in that area. any takers on a climbing outing?

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      It's in northern Cal. It's between Redding, and Sacramento. It's a little closer to Sacramento, but about two hours from each.


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        43 hours from VIRGINIA . One way


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          About an hour 15 from sacto. 2 hrs + from Redding Table mountain has some great hiking. I'm not sure about rock climbing, but some great fishing and that is the start of bow season here. Neat little town. With good COLD water which will be nice with the probable 100 degree weather. Come on down its gonna be great


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              About an hour from Chico State...i hear they throw some good parties. LOL
              Kyle Bahl

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                Chico State

                Chico State has been known as a "PARTY SCHOOL" clear back to the 1960's when I was living in the Animal House in Flagstaff, Arizona. And from what I hear, hasn't changed. Jeff Brochauser who owns Loud and Proud Flat Bottoms and also owns Butt Steel, a little 92,000 square foot building, tells me the same thing about the Chico State. He reants several houses to college students!

                I had the opportunity to help Bill Boyes with measuring the kilo trap for the Oroville Kilos a few years back. My "JOB" was to sit on the rock dam so the surveryor could mark the course. Being the A.D.D. person I am, after 30 seconds I got REAL BORED. So, I started looking at the various pieces of rocks on the dam.

                I had taken a two week geology class in college one summer, the only class I felt I actually learned anything in, and remembered how we had walked the hills and canyons everyday two weeks.

                My memory wasn't too great on the various rocks, but trust me, their are some great rocks to look at. I think this area is part of gold country, and I'd bet some of the rocks still have some gold in them. I left with several rocks in my pocket, worrying that I might get "BUSTED" for stealing rocks.

                Water is COLDER than all get out, but it is a beautiful place and a beautiful place to race. Probably will be hot there this summer, but that is what beer is made for!


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                  Kyle, you are wrong. The lake is 20 minutes from my house and downtown Chico. Excursions are being planed. Too bad the students will be gone, they won't get to meet boatracers.
                  Dan Wilde

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                    Dan, Tell them about the Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico.
                    bill b


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                      Originally posted by bill boyes View Post
                      Dan, Tell them about the Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico.



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                        Go to www.orovilleboatraces.com for some nice, initial info and maps and overhead satellite photo, ktl ..../


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                          [QUOTE=racingteacher;149221]Where is Oroville, California?

                          Jim, your the teacher,, try a map............

                          Look a way's south of Yakima and a bit West....2 states down

                          next question ????????

                          ? how do we make our 20SS faster ??

                          ACE hardware has a can of "2MPH " they are $17.50 each in the paint isle.......