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Region 10 CSH Mid-Season-Madness, Round 1/2

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  • Region 10 CSH Mid-Season-Madness, Round 1/2

    Mid-Season-Madness is upon us; the first half of Region 10 CSH is done! Votes have been tallied for Cullaby’s Week 6 and firm up our top 17 in the Power Rankings.

    Now, here comes the fun part. Since we can’t go boating until middle of August (or go to a WIR race), we’re going to have to entertain ourselves somehow. Some are going to the Pro Nats, some are going to the Stock/Mod/J Nats, some are camping, some are building new boats; others? Who knows.

    But us, Here in Region 10 CSH, we’re going to have a round-robin, single elimination bracket (similar to the NCAA Tournament), that puts Ranked #16 vs #1, #15 vs #2, #14 vs #3, and so on against each other, allowing the strongest to survive and advance. Yea, that sounds fun, but where it gets tricky - the type of boat and type of course will be pre-selected for the competitors to which they must battle with.

    Here’s the different type of COURSES to be selected from:
    • 1 ⅔ Mile Perfect Record Water
    • Rough ¾ Mile Short Course
    • Modified Lemans
    • Parking Lot - Pulling your Boat with your bicycle
    • Sammamish Slough
    • Heart Lake Marathon with the Right-Hand-Turn around the Point

    Here’s the types of BOATS to be selected from:
    • CSH Switch - Race your direct competitors Boat
    • Unlimited
    • JSR
    • Paddling your boat after it stalled in the first turn
    • F1H20
    • Motor-Boatin’ at the Bar (Translation: who gets the girl first)

    Each Boat and Course will be randomly selected by throwing a dice.

    For instance: Because of how the dice fell, Driver A vs. Driver B, will be racing an: Unlimited on a: Modified Lemans Course. How can this be? Well, it probably can’t, but from the beginning, we’ve said that the voting is arbitrary and we’re just taking that to a new level.

    Participation: Below is a poll - simply cast your vote to the individual that you seem worthy of your vote, and if you would like, please tell us why! If a tie occurs we'll either have the participants arm-wrestle or have a dance-off - winner advances.

    To get this started, and get a feel for the process, we’re going to have a Last-Chance-Qualifier Round, Placing #16 & #17 against each other to see who will get to boat in the Mid-Season-Madness!

    As being boat racers, we always reserve the right to change our minds, so if the process needs to be adjusted, it will be.

    Round ½ of the Mid-Season-Madness Puts #16 Bob Wartinger (PR of 12.52077354) Against #17 Zach Mahloit (PR of 12.52077354) for the right to join in the First Ever Mid-Season-Madness Sweet 16.

    Add the Dice Have been Rolled; here’s the results:
    The Course: Modified Lemans
    The Boat: F1H20

    Here’s the question that needs to be answered: IF Zach and Bob were to drive an F1 race head-to-head, on a Modified Lemans course, who would be the winner?!?!

    Cast your vote now and don’t be afraid to tell us why!

    Voting ends on June 28th at Midnight; vote early, vote often!
    Bob Wartinger
    Zach Mahloit

    The poll is expired.

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  • #2
    This is a fun match up! Bob "I've got 120+ records" Wartinger VS. Zach "I'm a pure blood pro driver" Malhiot! I'm going with the young blood here. 30 year old Bob I have no doubt wins this match up. But 70 year Bob? I think Zach pulls this one out in the Qatar boat that he finagled out of the Sheek's sand bunker....

    BTW is this voting really going to July or is that suppose to be June?
    Kyle Bahl

    "He didn't bump you, he didn't nudge you, he rubbed you, and rubbin' son is racin'!"


    • #3
      I voted for myself! Bob is a Legend and I am honored to be matched up against him but I really want to get to feature rounds because I know I can dominate races for Paddling Your Boat (Pro driver, DUH) and Motor-Boatin (first Moses Lake Nationals I took home the Banquet bar tender)

      A Vote for Zach Is a Vote for Motor Boatin SOB’s everywhere.


      • #4
        I'm voting for Bob, us old guys need to stick together. Plus I think Bob can Motor Boat with the best.
        "Ask anyone, I have no friends. I do have some people that put up with me and mostly because they like the rest of my family"

        Don Allen


        • #5
          KB, you're right, done JUNE 28th!

          I will have to say, if these ranking were rated on Motor Boatin skills, both Zach and Bob would be rated 1-2, no question. You're heard the song Hoes in Different Area Codes? That allegedly was written in honor and about Bob. That's just what I heard.

          I'm still not sure whom I'm voting for.....


          • #6
            Hey C stock dumbasses.....we have a race in Soap Lake 3rd weekend of July. If any of you have the balls to show up and really show us what you have anyway, or are you all big woooses. that cant handle a little heat........


            • #7
              Well I went down with a fight. Like I said, it was an honor to be up against a legend. You ever need to get in a crowded restaurant without a reservation, bring Bob. He will have the hostess give you the best seat in the house. Seen it happen... Like I said, Legend...


              • #8
                A heart-wrenching beat-down by Bob on Zach. What a great first round!

                With that match-up complete, the Round of 16 has been set! Let's see what the dice will roll for the first match-ups!

                Round of 16 Round of 8 Round of 4 Finals Champion!
                1 Kyle Lewis
                16 Bob Wartinger
                8 Mike Perman
                9 David McMurphy
                5 Chris Gregg
                12 Charles McMurphy
                4 Nathan Adams
                13 Ryan Johnson
                6 Kyle Bahl
                11 Brad McMurphy
                3 John Peeters
                14 Shane Burkhart
                7 Ken McMurphy
                10 Sean Byrne
                2 Mike Kelly
                15 Tanner Cole