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Week 4.5 of 2015 Region 10 CSH Power Rankings!

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  • Week 4.5 of 2015 Region 10 CSH Power Rankings!

    Coming Soon...
    (Comic Sans Font used in Honor of Lebron James - go Sonics!)

    Week 4.5

    Power Ranking CSH.png

    Week 4.5 has been Completed - who now ranks #1 in the Power Rankings?

    Here's Week 3's results to refresh your memory: http://tinyurl.com/nbe875q

    Week 4.5 includes both Newberg and Everett Results. Newberg is ran on the Roaring Willamette River, a very challenging, narrow river, 2-pin turns and a dog-leg right coming down the back straightaway. Everett, the "home" race for many of our competitors, is a tight tri-oval which always becomes rough even before your heat starts. Both technical courses where top end is the least of your concerns

    Week 5 - Seaside, Oregon. Just a stone's throw from the Pacific, racing at sea-level, many teams report that this is the fastest water we race on all year. Watch out for the point down the back-stretch, many-a-boat has gone head-over-heals cruising up it.

    Then keep your eyes open for Mid-Summer-Madness. What is Mid-Summer-Madness you ask? It's a great way to kill the time in the Nationals Gap where no local races typically occur. Basically, we will have a bracket system setup where the Top Ranking Region 10 CSH drivers will match up with each other #1 vs #16, #2 vs #15, etc. But here's the kicker - the variables of match-ups will be double selected through a dice-throw: you'll just have to wait and see what type of variables are ripe for the pickins! And the second kicker - we'll be relying on votes from the public to help crown each round's Victors!

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    Our very special Celebrity Voter this week is a Region 10 Legend. Racing all over the world, small boats, big boats, and all boats in between, Kyle Lewis brings us an interview and brief bio on where the Celebrity Voter has been and what he is up to now.


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      John should we do national rankings? Don't worry we won't include last years results from the R11 nationals when not one R11 CSH placed in the top 5. Not saying that the R11 CSH's weren't top notch in 2014. You chopped Colin in our elim (clearly) & JMK jumped the gun in the finals (according the referee - who was wrong). Mike Perman was hurt in 20ssh & couldn't race CSH.

      It was a perfect storm of sh*for you guys & 11-W cleaned it up.

      Wakefield CSH Projection - Top 10:
      3-S -He who made CSH that much harder & has yet to be challenged
      11-W -Defending Wakefield CSH Champion: 2006, 2011, _____
      25-M -Best hydro driver I know of - again w/Tater power
      7-M -He drives GP…this stock sh*t is easy
      53-M -Not the fastest rig this year….weird
      Lewis -Only not in top 2 because he might not come
      Bahl's -Outstanding, pissed off driving due to a 3rd place in CSR (Swain sweep in CSR)
      28-N -Jumped heat 1 but wow he's fast
      Peeter's -DQ for driving infraction but ran great
      B. Allen -DQ for too many APBA stickers
      Let's hope we're all able to take a joke and have some fun. See you in the UP of Wisconsin.....I mean Michigan....

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      Team Red


      • Racerkyle20
        Racerkyle20 commented
        Editing a comment
        ****it you're a funny man! And who are these guys you speak of from region 11? haha.

        K(2) coming at ya to a nationals near you!

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      That is some funny stuff. The too many stickers, might be the best. I'm not sure how much I would change that list.

      AND Lewis may not be there? That is crazy talk or someone starting rumors. Lee get that rig out here, we'll park the 11-W for the weekend and drive it. Too fast to be sitting home.
      "Ask anyone, I have no friends. I do have some people that put up with me and mostly because they like the rest of my family"

      Don Allen


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        5-H, You're a funny man! But Region 11? Come on now, the entire thread, including many other is Region 10! Or is it true everyone in the mid-west comes from Chicago?


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          Welcome to Week 4.5 of 2015 Region 10 CSH Power Rankings!
          With our expertly ammature voters, we’ve compiled a list of who’s fast, who’s almost fast, and who’s has the potential to be the top-dog in Region 10 CSH. No real criteria has been used by the voters; biases are present and yes, voters can be bribed. If you don’t like your ranking, let us know, and let us know why!
          Celebrity Stand-In Voter:
          Lee “Sutter’s Gold” Sutter
          Kyle “Banana” Lewis
          John “Guedo” Peeters
          Guest Voters:
          Kyle “Captain” Bahl
          Daniel “Bad Attitude” Korpe
          Will “Dr. Smooth” Smoot

          CSH Region 10 Participants:
          • J Michael Kelly
          • Kyle Bahl
          • Brad McMurphy
          • Mike Perman
          • Kyle Lewis
          • Bob Wartinger
          • Ron Magnuson
          • Nathan Adams
          • Ken McMurphy
          • Zach Malhiot
          • Sean Byrne
          • Colin Rucker
          • Ryan Magnuson
          • John Peeters
          • David McMurphy
          • Aaron Peterson
          • Mike Harmon
          • Dave Trisko
          • Aaron Adams
          • John Glen Wesanko
          • Johnny Adams
          • Jared Martin
          • Aaron Salmon
          • Shane Burkhart
          • Ryan Johnson
          • Tylor Echols
          • Daniel Korpe
          • Charles McMurphy
          • Daren Goehring
          • Chris Gregg
          • Aaron Policar
          • Dave Salmon
          • Jim Mauldin
          • Jeff Johnson
          • Kyle Hannon
          • Kelly Bailey
          • Chris Gregg
          • Will Smoot
          • Tanner Cole
          • Nelson Holmberg
          • Kelly Bailey
          • Scott Moen

          Races Completed
          Castle Rock

          Newberg Saturday Results
          1 GREGG, CHRIS
          2 MCMURPHY, KEN
          3 MCMURPHY, DAVID
          4 LEWIS, KYLE
          5 PERMAN, MIKE
          6 JOHNSON, RYAN
          7 BURKHART, SHANE
          8 MOEN, SCOTT
          9 BAHL, KYLE
          10 POLICAR, AARON
          11 COLE, TANNER
          Newberg Sunday Results
          1 LEWIS, KYLE
          2 GREGG, CHRIS
          3 PERMAN, MIKE
          4 MCMURPHY, DAVID
          5 JOHNSON, RYAN
          6 MCMURPHY, KEN
          7 BURKHART, SHANE
          8 POLICAR, AARON
          9 MOEN, SCOTT
          Everett Saturday Results
          Overall Results
          1.Shane Burkhart (Shane’s first first place)
          2. Ryan Johnson
          3. Kyle Lewis


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            Celebrity Stand-In “Sutter’s Gold” Top 8 for Week 4.5
            A Quick Lee Sutter Bio for those who don’t know Lee
            Lee began racing as a teenager. Early on in his career he drove a B Stock runabout to many victories, Region High Point Championships and National Championships. As a seventeen year old senior in high school, he took his BSR up the Sammamish Slough and beat some of the fastest stock, modified and alky boats in the region. Lee partnered up with Ron Anderson, and during their time together, scored several national championships in 250cc and 350cc alky classes. Lee went on to race for Mercury in their F1 and F2 (SST-120) classes and became world champion.- by Kyle Lewis

            Disclaimer: I don’t know everybody’s name or statistics, I am old, and I can’t see or hear, so please take this with a grain of salt. LFS
            1. J. Michael Kelly: Not often that JMK is not the leader in the pack regardless of the class he is racing. Uncontestably the best driver. He dominated in 2014 and has no wins this year? Whod’da thunk? Will JMK step aside, or return with both guns blazing?
            2. Kyle Banana Lewis: Get the driver in shape and tweak the boat and you have the makings of a first place driver. Banana’s physical fitness regime shows in his new physique and improved racing performance.
            3. John Peeters: On a mission (chasing Bob W.). Smart. Tests the limits. His funky, ugly duckling of a boat hauls ass!
            4. Nathan Adams: Are you kidding me? No stopping this Family Empire member. He has more drive than General Patton. He also talks to his motor 24/7 and expects answers. He’s a fast and clean competitor.
            5. Chris Greg: Out of Mike Zonich’s stable with their new Dart Craft. The results speak for themselves. Fast and almost error free!
            6. Ken McMurphy: New boat looks good and performed well at Castle Rock & Newberg. His enthusiasm runneth over. A mere prop away from the winner’s circle.
            7. David McMurphy: Vast improvement in 2015. Starting with its patriarch (Leland), all of the members of the McMurphy family are fast.
            8. Kyle Bahl: If he runs his carbon boat, the stars will have to be in alignment for him to make the podium. If post Silver Lake “rumor” holds true, he is a contender for number one. Who knows? He is flying in his runabout and if he gets proven wood under him in hydro everything will be up for grabs. He gets 100% out of his boats.

            Honorable Mention: Shane Burkhart, Mike Perman, Ryan Johnson, Ryan Magnuson, Brad McMurphy

            Banana’s Top 8 for Week 4.5
            1. I’ve got to hand it to Chris Gregg! - Chris has shown the consistency heat after heat to become one of the top drivers in the region. He is loving his new ride and driving it with style.
            2. Kyle Lewis - With some mixed results, my alter ego didn't earn the number one spot. I would like to smack this guy upside the head for jumping the gun, but that might end up looking like something out of Fight Club. The Lewis/Sutter team is looking forward to Cullaby Lake and the Nationals in Wakefield.
            3. David McMurphy - David killed it at Newberg! With a 3rd and a 4th place finish in Oregon he is sure to finish well at the next home track event.
            4. John Peeters - With a no show at Newberg, and a come back, taking an overall win at Everett, John is coming back. I swear his boat looks different every weekend. More wings, less wings, bigger chines, taller windshield - I think he is soon to find a combination that will work.
            5. Ryan Johnson - Ryan has been running consistent finishing in the top 5 for the last two races. Rumor has it that team Johnson has a special Cullaby Lake prop they are sure run.
            6. Mike Perman - Mike had his first race back at Newberg. He showed that his driving ability has not gone away. He did exceptionally well at Cullaby lake last year and this keeps him in my power rankings. Lets see if he gets that speed back next weekend!
            7. Shane Burkhart - Shane drove his way to a 2nd place finish at the ‘tricky-triangle’ in Everett. Shane has been racing hard in a field of relentless C hydro drivers and is showing that it takes more than balls to do well.
            8. McBoats (Ken McMurphy) - Ken Drove to a 2nd and 6th place finish at Newberg. His new boat is showing some potential, let's see what he has in store for the next race.

            Honorable Mention
            • Kyle Bahl
            • J. Michael Kelly - Mike, where did you go? Kelly has been absent from C hydro for the last two races and has decided to go hang out with those OSY guys. And he thought we were nuts.

            Guedo’s Top 8 for Week 4.5
            .5 Tony Perman - The man created Novice C and it’s been an unbelievable success. Everett’s winner is a product of that program - this is why Region 10 CSH class is one of the strongest in the Nation!
            1. Sorry Guys and Gals, no one really deserves the #1 spot this week - mental mistakes just don’t catapult you to the top
            2. Kyle Lewis - Fastest of the Fast, but grudge matches and jumped guns, brings this guy back to the rest of the pack. Great news; Sutter and K-Lew have figured out how to get this quick ride back to the Nats. Very excited to see how this shapes up.
            3. John Peeters - First head-to-head match between Lewis and Peeters this year. First heat, 1-2 Peeters lead Lewis; second heat, 1-2 Lewis lead Peeters. Although Peeters took home the win at Everett, he had to go through the B-Main to get there.. The Ugly boat (one of them) is starting to take flight. Very excited to see how the rest of the season shapes up!
            4. Chris Gregg - Just adding time in a great raceboat will only help you get faster. Taming the Willamette is no easy feat and he drove his pants off, along with driving a little right. Excited to see how this package turns out for the rest of the year!
            5. Nathan Adams - DUDE is fast. Family is fast (did you see the ASH in a 42 year old boat?!). I just received a copy of “A Beginner’s Manual for Outboard Hydroplane Racing” written by Nathan’s father John. As I’m reading through it, It makes great points and some calculations that I’ve never seen. With that kind of information The Family is putting out in a Beginners Book, just imagine what they have in store for the Intermediate Book! With John’s permission, I’ll be printing and handing these 50pg books out to all of our New Folks in Boats at Eatonville, WA.
            6. Kyle Bahl - Yes, you heard me right. Rumor-ville was hot following Newberg on Bahl landing an A+ ride for the Nationals, and boy, has he done so! Granted, he only ran in OSY with the rig at Everett, finishing second running as an CSH to an OSY full-tilt rig, meaning it is FAST. Bahl’s driving ability is matching up nicely to the rig under his feet. Very excited to see how this shapes up! What’s to come of the Black Beauty?
            7. Kenneth McBoats - When I think of a fast boat I think don’t think of someone out front pulling away; I think of a boat that started 6th and pulls himself up to 2nd in the three laps. Ken’s put himself in that fast category and showed it off at Newberg. PS, I want a t-shirt- Medium.
            8. Mike Kelly - I still can’t believe I’m rating this guy anywhere but #1. But results are results. I think Mike’s mediocre luck is done with for the year and an “atta-boy” is deserving to Mike for saving his rig after it caught on fire. Kids, what do you do when your boat catches on fire? Do as Mike did and flip the boat over, saving the whole package. http://tinyurl.com/pb2xbtg Very excited to see how Mike does in the big boats, and glad I don’t have to go into the first turn with him for a few races!

            Honorable Mention
            • Sean Byrne - 169R is gone. That means, there’s going to be a new one coming to a race near you soon! This Team has never put a slower boat back on the water than the previous one - that should make all the other Region 10 drivers quiver in their boots. You guys ever wondered what Sean’s brother looks like? He hasn’t been at the races recently, only working behind the sceens; some think he’s a dentist - here’s the real story https://youtu.be/vfuvGlbjYLs (10 minutes long, but well worth it.) I’m not excited all to see how that would be in real life.
            • Jared Martin - Graduating this week, and with those Congratulations Moneies coming at the perfect time, he gone did bought himself a raceboat! Boom! After taking the Former 169R for a spin, he’s in love. Our very own Jedi Master of the racecourse has found his yin to balance out is yang. This potentially puts the Original Nasty Habit onto the marketplace. We all remember how well it ran and we all know how well Chris Gregg has done once he picked up the Nasty Habit 2. I’m very excited to see how this turns out! http://tinyurl.com/oauzwmm Looking good!
            • Mike Perman - Welcome back! Results didn’t show his speed, but he picked up where he left off - fast. Don’t know if we’ll see him at any races this year, but at least he’ll get a spot in the Mid-Season Madness! Excited to see how that turns out!



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              “Captians” Top 8 for Week 4.5
              1. Kyle Lewis- This is the CSH power rankings. Cumulative for the first 7 races of the region 10 schedule shows Klew is the boat to beat. He’s fast. Does he win every race? No, but he’s been very close, which in this competitive region says a lot. Kyle has been able to continue consistent success in CSH all year, add in he has NOT LOST a CSR race this year and you make for a great first half of the season for Sutter Gold Racing.
              2. Chris Gregg- Solid weekend in Newberg, OR puts Chris in my #2 spot He made it through the ridiculous waters of the Willamette and came out on top. Everett was a wash as a few boats jumped the final, but leave no doubt Gregg has shown he’s here to play for keeps.
              3. JMK- Still cracking my top 3 is JMK. The 69R Bryne Bros boat is fast and JMK knows how to drive it. He’ll be back at Seaside ready to take a solid go at the region 10 field before returning to the big boats for a few months. Rumor-mill says the Bryne rig is going to nationals with someone else though
              4. John Peeters- Took the Newberg gantlet off and came back with avengence and the win in Everett. Looking to make some good momentum for the nationals finals!
              5. Mike Perman- Solid results in his first weekend of racing. MIke showed the rest of region 10 he’s still not to be messed with! He’ll be back at Seaside to rumble again.
              6. Ken McMurphy- The Oregon McMurphy’s didn’t make the trek to Everett from Portland but that doesn’t mean we have forgotten them! Ken had a solid weekend in Newberg to place him squarely in the mix for this power rankings!
              7. David McMurphy- Just like Ken, David made a great showing in Newberg. Him and Ken having similar looking boats now has folks on the shore trying to figure out which McMurphy is which on the course! Either way David is right in the mix with the big boys, Seaside should be be a barn burner!
              8. Shane Burkhart- Shane deserves a spot on the rankings this week. Shane has been working his butt off all season and it’s showing. His first podium finish at Everett coupled with his first EVER win at Newberg in Novice C. His smart driving has put him in good spots on the race course, thus puts him in my top 8.

              Honorable Mention
              • Bahl- KB’s rig has been subpar in multiple weeks in a row. His smart decision to not navigate the tough waters of the Willamette on Sunday of Newberg plus bad luck in Everett (spark plug wire again and a mental mistake with bad fuel) has him slipping. But good things are to come for the Nationals with the help from the Bryne Bros racing.

              “Bad Attitude’s” Top 8 for Week 4.5
              1. Kyle Lewis- Yep! that C rig is definitely dialed in… Little mistake at Everett, but that kinda stuff happens to everyone. I don’t doubt that he’ll drive that thing straight to the front at Cullaby!
              2. Chris Gregg- Ever since Castlerock, I have seen nothing but improvement coming from him. Now it’s time to see if this front running is temporary… or if he is the real deal now!
              3. John Peeters- Like usual, he’s back out front! and showin em how it’s done!!! And the sponsons stayed together! Insanity!!! the next time we’ll hear anything of John in C will be at the Nationals! Already pre-qualified for the finals, he’ll be a threat for the title…
              4. JMK- Yeah… It’s been a couple races since he’s ran C hydro. But nonetheless, watchout! he’ll be back out there in Seaside wanting to go back to the top!
              5. Ryan Johnson- Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?!?!?!?!? I can’t even keep track of who’s driving the boat… Although… when Ryan is wheeling the thing, he seems to be bringing home solid finishes. Definitely can steal a win at any given time.
              6. Kyle Bahl- Rumors huh? If it’s true. He’s gonna be fast! Period…
              7. McMurphy’s- All 4 of the guys are going to be my #7! Cause all of them have the speed and skill to drive their way to the front of the pack!
              8. Nathan Adams- Hmmm… Haven’t heard much from him for awhile. Always has been one of those drivers that can win it! He just needs to show up to some races! Come on man!

              Honorable Mention:
              Scott Moen! Amazing improvement so far this year!!! really starting to look like a boat racer!

              “Dr. Smooth’s” Top 8 for Week 4.5
              1. K. Lew. - Although he picked up a little DQ for being early in CSH, this guy drove the pants off his runabout in a 2-heat dust up in CSR. If you haven’t checked out the GoPro footage on Bahl’s Facebook, do so ASAP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68Dp3hIJAec
              2. Chris Gregg - This guy just continues to get better and better with the new setup. I’m expecting an even better performance on home turf for Smelt Farmer racing.
              3. JMK - He’ll be back in the C at Cullaby and I have no doubt he’ll be right up there again.
              4. Kyle Bahl - After trying to tame the wild spirit of the black boat to no avail, a little ride in a solid rig proved to be a good thing. Looked great in OSY and is making a comeback of sorts coming down the stretch to the nationals.
              5. Ryan Johnson - Great boat underneath him and made great runs all weekend. Anything can happen at Cullaby! Watch out for this guy.
              6. Nathan Adams - After the heat win last year at Cullaby, and the performance he’s shown so far this year I have no doubt he’ll be running out front at some point next weekend. Great to see the new boat taking flight.
              7. McMurphy’s - They’re going to be gunning for everyone on the home course. Kudos for going out and designing/building their own rigs after a number of attempts to upgrade. Have yet to see the new sleds in action, but I don’t doubt they’re fast.
              8. Jon Peeters - Although the boat is unlike anything else on the beach, it’s all in the details and they’re starting to finally pay off. Plus a new set of sponsons has her feeling young again! Boat looked real good!



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                Week 4.5 Rankings
                Week 3 Cumulative Ranking
                Sutter's Gold
                Bad Attitude
                Dr. Smooth
                Week 4.5 Top Votes
                Week 4.5 Cumulative Rankings
                J. Michael Kelly
                John Peeters
                Kyle Lewis
                Sean Byrne
                Nathan Adams
                Kyle Bahl
                Bob Wartinger
                Mike Perman
                Zach Malhoit
                Colin Rucker
                Brad McMurphy
                Ron Magnuson
                Ryan Magnuson
                Aaron Salmon
                John Adams
                Ken McMurphy
                Shane Burkhart
                Chriss Gregg
                Charles McMurphy
                Tanner Cole
                John G. Wensanko
                David McMurphy
                Ryan Johnson


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                  Final Heat
                  1. Kyle Lewis 1.71279188

                  Like a Boss. Controlling his own destiny. One last tune-up before the Nats, then let’s see how he matches up against the top in the country

                  2. Mike Kelly 3.497579819

                  Widest range of votes by our voters this week. Cullaby will let Mike write one more chapter to his story until he goes off and races the big boats this summer

                  3. John Peeters 4.381237459

                  Looks like the ride is starting to get dialed in, should be very interesting once he does

                  Nathan Adams 6.217825112

                  He’'s performing when he get out on the water - he’s just not getting out on the water right now...

                  5. Chris Gregg 7.046689332

                  Moving up the rankings! Let’s see how Part 2 of the Oregon Raging Waters treats Gregg after tackling them head on at Newberg.

                  6. Ken McMurphy 8.312581509

                  Only two spots separate Ken and his Clan. This is the race inside of the race!

                  7. Kyle Bahl 8.340872536

                  New ride for the Nats. Immediate contender.

                  8. Sean Byrne 9.637007314

                  Sean? Where you been? Oh, that’s right, helping out anyway he can. New boat in the works, but don’t think we’ll see too much of him the rest of the year on the course. On the beach, he’s all over the place!

                  9. Bradly McMurphy 10.34247987

                  Bad Brad, Although not having raced much this year, the family votes are keeping this guy in the Top 10.

                  10. Charles McMurphy 10.61321349

                  Charles! Same Goes from Chuckles, McBoatz votes are floating this guys this week, but that’s not to say he wouldn’t deserve it anyways.

                  11. David McMurphy 11.01991877

                  David (too bad he doesn’t have a more formal name) is putting a run in for top of the McBoatz Clan. Rated low in the Final Heat, it will entertaining to watch David take out the boat and see how he matches up with the rest of the fast guys

                  Mike Perman 11.21842672

                  Welcome back! Seriously. Who really can underestimate this guy? He was the last to go back-to-back national CSH championship in the world!

                  Alternate: Ryan Johnson 11.6022956

                  Way to go Ryan and Johnson Family! Solid podium at Everett puts you as Alternate 1 and ready to make a move on the the home-course. Great job driving!

                  Biggest Move Up: Chris Gregg & David McMurphy
                  Biggest Move Down: Sean Byrne

                  Final Thoughts from the Editor - Great feedback from the CSH drivers, both locally and across the nation. It’s been told to me that getting on the Region 10 Power-Ranking list is more-so exciting for the drivers than any awards ceremony. And those same individuals said to me, their main goal this season is to get on the list. This is a salute to you guys and gals, keep racing hard!
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