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Week 2 of 2015 Region 10 CSH Power Rankings

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  • Week 2 of 2015 Region 10 CSH Power Rankings

    Pre-Season / Lake Lawrence / Winter Nationals / Western Divisionals are complete; Castle Rock on Silver Lake May 2/3 is next on the Schedule.

    Week 2 Rankings Coming Soon.

    Where do you think the drivers should be ranked?

    Who should make the "Final Heat"?

    Who Moved up the rankings the most?


    What does our Surprise, Out-of-Region Celebrity-Stand-in Voter have to Say?

    For Week 1 Results: https://hydroracer.net/forums/forum/m...power-rankings
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    Welcome to Week 2 of 2015 Region 10 CSH Power Rankings!

    With our expertly amature voters, we’ve compiled a list of who’s fast, who’s almost fast, and who’s has the potential to be the top-dog in Region 10 CSH. No real criteria has been used by the voters; biases are present and yes, voters can be bribed. If you don’t like your ranking, let us know, and let us know why!
    Preseason is over; first races has been completed. Week 2 Rankings are upon us.

    Celebrity Stand-In Voter:
    Mikey “All The Women Love Me” Pavlick
    Kyle “Banana” Lewis
    John “Guedo” Peeters
    Guest Voters:
    Kyle “Captain” Bahl
    Will “Dr. Smooth” Smoot
    Daniel “Bad-Attitude” Korpe

    CSH Region 10 Participants:
    • J Michael Kelly
    • Kyle Bahl
    • Brad McMurphy
    • Mike Perman
    • Kyle Lewis
    • Bob Wartinger
    • Ron Magnuson
    • Nathan Adams
    • Ken McMurphy
    • Zach Malhiot
    • Sean Byrne
    • Colin Rucker
    • Ryan Magnuson
    • John Peeters
    • David McMurphy
    • Aaron Peterson
    • Mike Harmon
    • Dave Trisko
    • Aaron Adams
    • John Glen Wesanko
    • Johnny Adams
    • Jared Martin
    • Aaron Salmon
    • Shane Burkhart
    • Ryan Johnson
    • Tylor Echols
    • Daniel Korpe
    • Charles McMurphy
    • Daren Goehring
    • Chris Gregg
    • Aaron Policar
    • Dave Salmon
    • Jim Mauldin
    • Jeff Johnson
    • Kyle Hannon
    • Kelly Bailey
    • Chris Gregg
    • Tanner Cole
    • Nelson Holmberg
    • Kelly Bailey
    • Scott Moen

    Results for Lake Lawrence Saturday
    1. Kyle Lewis
    2. Mike Kelly
    3. Sean Byrne
    4. Ken McMurphy
    5. Chris Gregg
    6. Ryan Magnuson
    7. Shane Burkhart
    8. Tanner Cole
    9. Nelson Holmberg
    10. Kelly Bailey
    11. Johnny Adams

    Results for Lake Lawrence Sunday
    1. Kyle Lewis
    2. Mike Kelly
    3. Johnny Adams
    4. Shane Burkhart
    5. Nathan Adams
    6. Bob Wartinger
    7. Tanner Cole
    8. Jared Martin
    9. Nelson Holberg
    10. Chris Gregg
    11. Kelly Bailey
    12. Scott Moen

    Results for Bakersfield WInterNationals Saturday
    3. John Peeters
    4. Kyle Bahl
    Results for Bakersfield Divisionals Sunday
    1. John Peeters
    3. Kyle Bahl


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      Celebrity Stand-In “All The Women Love Me” Top 8 for Week 2
      1. Kyle Lewis- After his weekend in Yelm, WA, I am not quite sure how he couldn’t be #1. He did not just break the 1 ⅔ records for CSH(and CSR), he crushed the old records.He was very fast in 2014 and looked to pick up even more speed over the off-season. Looks like the one to beat in 2015.
      2. J Michael Kelly- Dude can drive just about anything and usually has some serious speed. Should be some fun battles this year between him and the Lewis/Sutter team.
      3. John Peeters- I was told I couldn't vote if I didn't put him top 3... But seriously this man is fast and is rocking a new Jesus look, could that be a formula for success in 2015?
      4. Sean Byrne-Very fast at nationals and seemed to stay on track with an impressive 3rd place in Yelm, WA.
      5. Zach Malhiot- Extremely impressive showing in the Perman #2 rig at Moses Lake nationals in 2014 but rumors about a lighter CSH schedule leaves him out of my top 4.
      6. Mike Perman- His small handful of divisional titles last season in Oregon has him still in my top 6. Has podium potential every time that he is on the course.
      7. Kyle Bahl- All of his built up anger regarding the SuperSonics/OKC Thunder deal makes for aggressive driving every time on the race course. At least he still has his cougs.
      8. Collin Rucker- Even though many have said that his performance in the 2014 Moses Lake summer nationals makes him deserving of the #1 spot, a modest top 8 ranking is needed for this young gun. The only question remaining will be his attendance throughout the 2015 season.

      Honorable Mention
      • Bob Wartinger- My favorite boat in all of Washington… And the 12 million records don’t hurt either.
      • Will Smoot- Will the west coast “Lady Stealer” steal a podium this season?

      Banana’s Top 8 for Week 2
      1. Myself - Yoga lessons are paying off.
      2. Nathan Adams - He was just as fast as J. Michael and Sean at Lawrence, but loose nuts hindered success. I can’t wait to see what he can do on a short course.
      3. John Peeters - Two titles with an ugly boat. Awesome but Hideous. Paint might help….no. All that hair will!
      4. Mike Kelly - The only 5 liter driver left. What happened? Hey, at least we all come out and play in C hydro!
      5. Johnny Adams - The Adam’s Family test driver. Being 16 years old, the mental capacity to back off the throttle does not yet exist. His uncle gave him the back-up boat, but Lil’ Johnny might prove to be more competitive than expected.
      6. Sean Byrne - Sean’s boat is back together after nationals and it now sports the same paint job as JMK’s.
      7. Kyle Bahl - winning 2 runabout titles in Cali is no joke, and a 3rd place showing in C hydro is pretty good!
      8. Ken McMurphy - The only McMurphy that traversed the long 5-mile track at Yelm (in CSH), Ken’s new McBoats hull looks promising.

      Honorable Mention
      • Chris Gregg- Making his first appearance in the Banana rankings, Chris looked solid in his new boat.

      Guedo’s Top 8 for Week 2
      1. Kyle Lewis - The hard work has paid off. Setting Smashing the fastest stock circle record in the record books by a full MPH is initially barely-believable, but K-Lew backed up what has boat was saying with upping the record on Sunday, making this the real deal. Now the CSH record books have a different holder for each of the 6 records - indeed this is the most competitive class in all of outboard racing.
      2. John Peeters - Making the long trip was worth it: Divisional Champ in both Yamato Hydro Classes - pre-seated to the Wakefield Finals, where 60+ CSH entrants is possible, is huge. Plus, he did it in his new (still ugly) boat.
      3. Nathan Adams - Technical (self inflicted) issues; theoretically, technical issues should not be around next race; technically, theoretically.
      4. Mike Kelly - Dropping three spots in Guedo's ranking even when he ran second at Lawrence and ran over his previous record? Burn. But don’t you worry, our boy-band-back-up-dancer will be having all your hearts swooning again when he’s back dancing to lane one and rolling to the win on a real race course.
      5. Ken Mcmurphy - Showing the youngins' how it's done! Respect thy elders! Still don’t know what island of the UK / Ireland that family is from. It’s a mystery...
      6. Kyle Bahl - Solid results on Cali. Last heat of the weekend, KB tuned up and adjusted in some serious speed not seen earlier in the weekend. Atta kid!
      7. Sean Byrne - Updated boat. Way cool to see Boat 1 and Boat 2 looking good and matching at the race-course; very intimidating!
      8. Brad McMurphy - No show at Lawrence, but the pre-season buzz is still accurate. He’s ready to pop out of his shell.

      Honorable Mention
      • Well, well, well, Little Johnny, where-o-where did the 3rd come from?!?! Good or Lucky? Time will tell...

      “Bad Attitude's” Top 8 for Week 2
      1. Kyle Lewis - I don’t even know what i witnessed last weekend… My mind is blown! Absolutely killed it! To the top of the list you go!!!
      2. J. Michael Kelly - Now it’s time to go to an actual “RACE” course… And we all know, he’ll find his way to the front.
      3. John Peeters - Not too shabby in Cali. Grabbed a couple divisional wins. Now maybe he wants to come race against the toughest C’s in the country. Welcome back to region 10!
      4. Nathan Adams - ****! apparently his boat isn’t too fond of rough water… Or shear pins… But he was definitely quick while it was running.
      5. Sean Byrne - For just a one day showing, a top three is worth it. I remember the last time I saw the boat, it was wrecked in the first turn at nationals. Now, she’s back, and she’s fast.
      6. Brad McMurphy - He’s not record material. so he’s just waiting for Castlerock before he makes his season debut. And i’m sure… He’s been itching to get back into the boat.
      7. Ken McMurphy - Found himself in the top five at Lawrence. He may very well be the surprise winner this weekend.
      8. Kyle Bahl - He also went on a little trip last week. But, to only do some damage in the runabout. This is the CSH power rankings… Now show me I should have you on my list!

      Honorable Mention
      • Colin Rucker - Haven’t been in touch with him for a while. When he decides to come out and play, he’s going to play hard! A fast boat… It just needs to be free’d once in a while.

      “Dr. Smooth’s” Top 8 for Week
      1. Kyle Lewis – What a weekend this guy had. Two records on the big long course at Lake Larry. CSH record from Lane 2/3? Rolling with momentum coming into this weekend at Castle Rock.
      2. Jon Peeters – Locked up bids for Nationals in 20SSH and CSH while sicker than a dog in Cali. Very impressive weekend. Also knows his way around viral videos on YouTube. Kudos for that.
      3. JMK – Ran great on the big course and should be a big threat this weekend in Castle Rock on the shorter course.
      4. Nate Adams – A new boat perhaps? With one race down, slight improvements should give better performance and Cullaby last year was indication that this guy can get it done.
      5. Ken McMurphy, McMurphy’s in general – Another new boat potentially? These guys are really getting things dialed. The McMurphy navy will be a threat this year as always.
      6. Sean Byrne – Always fast and a new season should give him an edge. Always a contender.
      7. Chris Gregg – The Smelt Farmer knows how to dial in a race boat and Chris can get around the course fast! I think we see him pick up a win this year.
      8. Ryan Magnuson – With pops concentrating primarily on the D this year, the consolidation of equipment gives this guy a leg up. His performance at nationals last year gets him in the top-10.

      Honorable Mention
      • Bob Wartinger – The records speak for themselves. Perennial C hydro front runner.
      • Kyle Bahl – Locked up seeds for 25SSR and CSR at divisionals this past weekend. Always a threat and on the cusp of getting that hydro to a podium finish.
      • Colin Rucker - If this guy shows up to the race this weekend, watch out! Looking for him to build on the momentum of last year and get a win in R-10.

      "Captain’s” Top 8 for Week 2
      1. Klew- This is the obvious pick. When you avg. almost 65 mph at Yelm on the 1 ⅔ course and pass JMK on the outside you’re. #1.
      2. John Peeters- Good weekend in California for John, picked up two Divisional wins including CSH and a seed into the Nationals at Wakefield.
      3. JMK- Sounds like him and the Byrne boys need a big course wheel. A good showing at Castle Rock this weekend could vault him up.
      4. Sean Bryne- Solid 3rd on the Yelm big track on his one day of racing.
      5. McMurphy- I’m not picking one this week, I’m picking the family. Who’s running CSH this week? They don’t know, but whoever is they’ll be top 5.
      6. Bahl- Three different props. Three different heats. Went faster every time. Gotta love throwing the kitchen sink at the Divisional
      7. Nathan Adams- What happened Saturday of Yelm? He’s not sure but Sunday was a solid 5th spot.
      8. Shane Burkhart- Out of the box pick here. Shane was a solid 4th and 7th in Yelm. That can’t be ignored.

      Honorable Mention
      • Perman- When he shows up from Texas he’ll make his move up the rankings
      • Johnny Adams- Heyo the kid looks like he could be the next big thing in region 10. 3rd on Sunday of Yelm makes him my HM.



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        Week 2 Rankings
        With a sophisticated Algorithm, We take into consideration Last Week’s rankings along with this week’s rankings to give you, our adoring public, the Region 10 CSH Power Rankings!
        Update: A heavier-weight value has assigned to a “no-rank”; Week 1’s Ranking has been updated on the below chart
        Update 2: Previous Weeks Ranking’s will hold a lower value on the overall ranking as the season goes on.

        Week 1 Ranking
        All The Women Love Me
        Bad Attitude
        Dr. Smooth
        N. Adams
        B. McMurphy
        Ry. Magnuson
        Ro. Magnuson
        J. Adams
        K. McMurphy

        Final Heat
        1. Peeters - 2.2500
        Just the Second Week into the Power Rankings Infancy we have the top three racers separated by just .1664 points! This is setting up to be one wild race season, with the potential #1 spot being replaced every week. Consistency is key in the rankings, and unlike out on the water, a pair of seconds take Peeters to the Top Spot.
        2. Lewis - 2.3335
        Many know of Sutter’s history (if not, give him an ask) and he’s had some very big days in his long career. Last weekend’s accomplishments stand just as tall in his Redwood Forest of Wins and in Lewis’ short career, he’s going to remember this for a very long time. A very big round of applause goes to these guys knowing that not one single team has worked harder the last few seasons and now have the hardware to show for it.
        3. Kelly - 2.4165
        These voters are fickle and harsh! Sure Mike didn’t win, but he was over his own record when he did come in second - that means he’s faster than last year. Showdown at Castle Rock with 9 of the top twelve Ranked competitors will give Kelly a chance to show why he’s meant to be in the Top Spot.
        4. Byrne - 4.6667
        Single day a Lawrence didn’t hurt his rankings, but the old man is hurting. Taking off Castle to heal and and attack the rest of the schedule is the wise thing to do.
        5. N. Adams - 6.5000
        No longer a dark-horse. Speed is there, now time to shine!
        6. Bahl - 8.7501
        Continually dialing in the Anarchy that exists, he’s planning to make a push up the standings starting this weekend where he also wears the Race Director’s Hat.
        7. B. McMurphy - 9.1668
        Bad Brad on schedule for the 2015 Debut. Let’s see what he has in store for the weekend.
        8. K. McMurphy - 10.0833
        Way to perform and get the voters attention!
        9. Perman - 10.7501
        All your exes live in Texas?
        10. Malhoit - 11.3333
        Remodel of the new house underway. Skipping race weekend to enjoy Opening Day of Boating. At a Husky’s house...
        11. Wartinger - 11.3335
        Next Record wasn’t to be. This round.
        12. Rucker - 11.9998
        Senior in HS with a goody-goody girl-friend. Word on the street, boating just isn’t a priority right now. He’s not going to last long on this list if that’s the case.

        Biggest Move Up: Ken McMurphy +4

        Biggest Move Down: Wartinger -3

        Final Thoughts from the Editor
        Voters remember best of “what have you do for me lately”, as they’ve significantly discounted racers who don’t participate in the weekend’s boating experience. Last weekend was not a normal racecourse - pure speed won. This weekend’s course is about a ⅓ of the size with wind and waves where real racing occurs - wait for the results and tune in for Week 3 of the 2015 Region 10 CSH Power Rankings!


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          Looks like there's a new Sheriff in town.