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Dayton 1974 Tribute Video

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    Q- Craft

    Originally posted by Gootz 142M View Post
    Who are the guys carrying the 43-S?... It appears to be a Q-Craft. I had one then as did Larry Wagner, Dave Martino, John Loomer and the Wheeler's (I think?)....
    Jim , The 43-S boat belonged to a guy named Jerry Kale out of Ohio.


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      [QUOTE=TPLACE31;233580]Our records show that Matt won the South Shore Outboard Association Saddle Award in 1971 !![/QUOte

      Darn you Noury for keeping such good records......i was 12 when i started racing in New England in 1971. Flipped my little Hedlund ASH 12 out of 13 races if i remember correctly and that easily got me the infamous SSOA Saddle.

      Clark Maloof told me not to worry about it......he said he and guys like Armstrong and Castagnato also were proud recipients of the 'goofball award' and went on to do pretty well over the years.

      Back then just to qualify for a final on a local race weekend was a chore in New England. I remember having to deal with guys like Skip Berberie, Muskie Poullin, Howie Pickerall, Micky Fickett etc etc etc. Life sucked in ASH back then.


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        look at the number of entries, tell me when is the last nationals you had over 800 entries, in the last say 20 years?


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          Still Racing

          Mel Thomas is running CSH with CVRA an doing well in his 70's. Earl Desiato also runs CVRA.


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            Fred I don't think we would see that with all 4 Outboard divisions combined.


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              I love the 132 elimination heats in 2.5 days. For some reason 75 entries at a race these days takes a whole weekend.
              I could be wrong but I think Mel Thomas started in the mid 80's After he retired from being a State Trooper.
              sigpicWayne DiGiacomo


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                Seventyfive entries was called the Divisionals! I remember big boat counts at Lowell, MA. and Thompson, CT. The Dayton race was an event for racing like Woodstock was for music.....!


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                  I remember when you had to qualify at the ALKY/PRO nationals to get to the final heats, have not seen that happen in a while


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                    My father and I were there in ASH, even saw a picture of our camper in the background.Matt is right back then( early 70's) winning an ASH race in Region 2 or 3 was an accomplishment because you always had elims and stiff competition.Anyway, we both attend and I still race.


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                      Doug Martin and Rick Miner

                      Originally posted by Stu Ford View Post
                      Great stuff. Was that Lee B. in the c-2 runabout named Hair.
                      I'm pretty sure "HAIR" was Doug Martin and Rick Miner. They didn't really race 25 Runabout but it seemed like a fun event, so they raced! And it was fun.