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Tragedy strikes Steve Fales Family

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  • Tragedy strikes Steve Fales Family

    Yesterday at our US Title Series race in Hammondsport, Ny, tragedy struck the Steve Fales family as their Matriarch Eilish passed from this life into the eternities. Steve and his brother were competing in the Title Series event yesterday when Eilish suffered a torn Aorta which took her life.
    I post this on our sites around the racing community as I received a phone call this morning from Steve Fales that his beloved bride Eilish had passed yesterday afternoon and he commented that the Fire Rescue folks of the Hammondsport Fire department did everything they could but could not save her. Our condolences to their family over this loss as Rick and his daughters Kaylin, Amada, and Hailey who was going to run 1100 with her Dad, now face life without the steady hand.
    It is so hard for us to understand and let go, but as we visited for quite some time this morning, memories flooded back to Steve as we spoke and I pray that the tender mercies of our Heavenly Father will bring to mind those hundreds if not thousands of memories for Eilish’s family, so that they may be comforted and know that All is Well, All is Well.

    We now cry out there she goes, while family and friends on the other side of the veil, shout with joy, here she comes. Join with me in passing our thoughts, prayers and love to Steve and his daughters and the PowerMist family, as the scriptures call for us to mourn with those who mourn for it is what we are called to do.