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    Hot, Hot, Hot, temps were up over 100 Degrees heat indices and the racing equaled it today in the fourth round of the US Title Series 2019 racing season. The heat was stifling, but the USTS crew was up to the challenge.
    The first class up was K-Pro and I said the racing was hot, with Cooper Thompson over taking Brandon Payn at the last moment of the final lap, winning by no more than a couple of feet. Brandon did everything he could to hold him off, making Cooper take the long way around lap after lap, but Cooper caught him at the end. Garrett Johnson finished 3rd overall in the two heats. Joe Perez of Depue, decided it was too hot and took a bath in the first try at the second heat, but was A-OK Two more heats tomorrow.
    175H came up next with Brad Dygert over Brandon Mills in the first heat, only to watch the second heat go by him sitting on the water as Kristi Ellison took that heat of racing. Kristin unfortunately had done the same thing in the first heat as Brad watching the race from the water go by. Brandon finished 2nd again that heat. The third and final came up with Brandon a lead on Kristi and Brad with Baylee Burkland with 450 points for second at that time. Brandon finished high enough in the next heat to take the overall with Kristi Ellison 2nd and Brad Dygert in the 3rd spot overall
    Next up was the 1100h class with Eric Van Over taking the first heat over Dan Kirts and Jake Hoffert with Dan taking the 2nd heat and Eric 2nd and Jake 3rd once again. Two more heats to follow tomorrow to finish it off.
    The big 700R came up next with 9 big ones hitting the water, but no one had anything for Jason Sailer as he took both heats by quite a good margin. His teammate on the Thirlby Automotive entry Eric Van Over finished in the second spot with a familiar name in capsule racing took the third spot overall, and that was Sean McKean, great job in boat numbered C-3 as a salute to our good friend Alan Ishii who ran that number in his storied career of outboard racing.
    In 250H 9 more boats hit the water with Kurtis Nydahl having it his way for the first two heats winning the second heat from the back and taking 800 points to the 3rd and final. Pete Kelly was the 2nd place boat in points with Kevin Ellison in the mix as well with a 2nd place and Vinny Buskirk there as well. When all said and done, Kurtis could only wonder as he found himself sitting on the water watching the 3rd heat go by him with Pete Kelly picking up the win and overall with Kurtis and Kevin Ellison for the podium.
    The last class of the day was 350R with Tim Small in the B&B Electric entry finishing out front in the first heat with Mike Krier for second and Brian Payn for third. In the next heat, both Mike and brother Rich suffered catastrophic engine problems and the win with to Paulie Bosnich who finished 4th in the first heat and took this heat as Tim suffered a fuel problem and found himself sitting down in the bottom corner. In the third heat with Paulie with the point lead over Payn ended up taking a bath in the first turn and Paulie went on to win with Vinnie Buskirk 2nd and Brian 3rd
    My thanks to the great USTS crew for all of their hard work in the heat. Our two pit guys kept us all informed as to the needs if any of the drivers in the pits, with Rick Jedwabny and Preston Thirlby doing yeoman’s work. Also are thanks to Paul Bosnich who stepped up big time and took a heck of load on to make sure this happened right and right it was with Big Pal. Slider was not here this weekend and Paul took on his own plus plus. Sue Sailer and her crew are the best and keep us all on our toes and what can you say when you have the best of the best in our leader Todd Brinkman. Thanks to Diane Brinkman and Sue Small handling our merchandise tent as always.

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    Wow, Sean McKean back at it... Really cool... Good Luck Sean and go get ‘em’.

    Dean Hobart...........

    Dean F. Hobart