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    The schedule and sanction for the US TITLE SERIES PRO NATIONALS PRESENTED BY THE DEPUE MENíS CLUB has been released. We will welcome specific Modified Classes that will join in during the weekend. The dates are July 24-28 with two days of testing and 3 days of racing.
    Testing will begin on Wednesday and Thursday at 12 noon and conclude at 5pm each day. Testing will be at the discretion of the race director on day of racing. Again, we remind all drivers that you should not park your trailer on the lake shore until Paul Bosnich arrives to direct this activity for maximum use of space.
    The Depue Menís Club shelter will be open on Tues for your eating pleasure with a few other vendors as well. There will be music and dancing each night from Wednesday to Saturday night on the park grounds.

    We will need many volunteers to man pull boats and wave runners, along with volunteers for tear down duty at the end of the weekend. We will be assigning drivers reps who you must go to file any grievance or protest of a heat. Do not go to Todd Brinkman nor to the announcerís booth, you must use your drivers reps. We will also be assigning turn judges to be on the water as well as one on the shoreline at each end of the course. If you are unable to fulfill that duty, you must find a suitable replacement and notify Todd. We appreciate any and all help to be able to put this program and effort together.
    We look forward to an outstanding Pro Nationals and with the support of the Modís that will be there. Remember we have a 50 dollar one time event membership for the Modís who would like to run and the normal entry fees will be added to run at DePue.
    We look forward to seeing you at DePue.

    The Pro division classes will run 3 heats and 4 laps with K-Pro and Service/Racing classes 3 laps, while Modified classes will 3 laps and 2 heats of racing.
    This is the schedule which is subject to change
    Friday classes
    1st flight CRH, 125R, OSY 400, K-Pro, SER/850R
    2nd flight BMH/350MH, 175H, CSR, 700R

    Saturday Classes
    1st flight CMH/500MH, CRR, 500H, 250R
    2nd flight SHE/850H, CSH, 350H, 500R

    Sunday classes
    1st flight 1100R, 125H, EMH/750MH,
    2nd flight 250H, 350R, 1100H

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    The Mens Club is in final preparations for the event, we welcome all who are coming. We will see everyone throughout the week. Safe travels and see everyone under the Mens Club shelter.