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The Future of F1- Power Boat Racing

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  • The Future of F1- Power Boat Racing

    Article is from F2Boat.com


    My special friend, Dave Burgess has bulid more boats than most any boat builder I know. All classes, and He had always championship winning drivers. He dropped me an email today, and I have posted it. read his concerns.

    By Dave Burgess.

    How much longer will the UIM let F1 self destruct, Over the winter several new rules were intoduced into F1 regarding qualifying motors and single pineon gear box’s, which in it’s self is a step in the right direction. Having seen first hand the amount of motors destroyed in Portimao and with bugets ever harder to obtain in the current economic climate, how much longer will it be before we are left with just two or three middle east teams providing a specticle of maybe 6/7/8 boats on the start line.
    The main reason these motors are becoming unreliable is the ever increaseing RPM they are pulling.
    Is it now time to control the RPM , Maybe by issueing a spec EFI box at scruteneering which will control the RPM to a realistic figure.
    The scruteneers could seal this box and any infringement would incure a instant dismisal.

    PS. i no longer have any financial or commercial interest in F1 so pehaps some one will now listen.

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    Sound like a frustrating situation. Lemme get one of those rpm limiters and I'll make up a whole pile of them that are identical. Then, at each race each team can reach into the bag and pull one out. Just like the J Propeller program, huh! Only, since so much money is at stake, the boxes will be serialized, the serial number entered on the race inspectors check sheet, and that sucker (the limiter box) will be installed and hermetically sealed on the power-plant by the inspector AND.. removed by the inspector.
    Will that work?
    Good. Now let's get Ray at RAPAR to make em up. I'm busy.


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      Champ Boat has limited ECU boxes and I don’t think that’s way to go. If anything that gives an advantage to big budget teams, simply based on testing, props, and especially R & D on engine program (most hp and toque at certain RPM). Without rev limit big teams would push their engines to braking point which gives a chance to small teams with closer to stock engine to finish race well placed.

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        Interesting thought, i completely agree with your perspective
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