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Possible Flywheel Key Sheared

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  • Possible Flywheel Key Sheared

    We had a major engine failure (rod went though side of OMC15). Based the problems I am having trying to pull the flywheel I believe that it caused the key to shear. Any suggestions in solving this problem would be greatly appreciated . Wasn't caused by lack of oil.
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    If crank stopped fast it most likely sheared key..most likely damaged crank and flywheel...some times they are just on very good...may have to put puller on good and tight and leave sit for a few days and give it a good retighting every morning or night before bed and all of a sudden it be loose. some times some light heat to flywheel hub area will make them pop..must have puller on and while doing so.
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      Thank you for the help. That is the what I am doing. I wasn't sure if I was headed down the right path and your answer makes me feel more confident about what I am doing.
      Bill Thomas


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        Bill, for some reason I can't seem to just post this regularly, so I try this. Some times when straight pressure will not pop a flywheel taping it opposite the key will, don't touch the flywheel as you a try to ring it like a bell, it seems to cause a harmonic and help loosen it. Bob Ladd
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      bigger hammer


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        Thanks to all for your help. Perseverance won out. It finally popped.