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  • Applying Epoxy

    I just made my first Runabout repair using Total Boat epoxy. I noticed after a few minutes the bristles started coming out of the brush. What do most people use for applying epoxy? How do I keep the bristles from coming out ?

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    do not use a cheap chip brush - I use a plastic spreader or a foam roller made for epoxy= you can cut the roller cover into strips and make a "brush out of it " West system has a 2 pack of covers.


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      By me the Benjamin Moore paint stores have the black foam rollers at a fraction of the cost of the West ones.



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        I tend to avoid the horse hair brushes because the hairs pull out. Find the super cheap 1" polyester bristle brushes for small areas. Medium areas I pour it in a line and spread it with an old hotel room key (always wear gloves). For larger areas get a cheap bondo spreader and do the same. The squeegee application for initial wetting spreads the most even amount out for me. For finish coat I use the tropical or UV hardener and a throw away foam roller. You can also use a foam brush to smooth out.

        ​Brushes and rollers are throw away. Room keys or bondo spreaders can be cleaned easily with lacquer thinner on a rag.


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          I use 3/16" thick yellow x 8" foam roller available at Home Depot or Lowes $3. For big areas 8" for smaller I cut in 1/2. I tip off with a foam brush 4" for large areas and less for small areas. With a roll and tip method I can do 30 sf in less than 2 min. Unset Epoxy cleans up with white vinegar less harmful to skin. Foam rollers and foam brushes are throw away.
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            Best spreader is plastic playing cards, you get 52 of them for $5.00. Yes I'm frugal. That is polite for cheap.


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              Or old credit cards... even cheaper.