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Grandpa's Super 10 KG-7 Hurricane

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    Originally posted by Bill Huson View Post
    And carry a wood hammer . . .

    A good size wood hammer, no kidding. Back when I was a wee pup (1950 sumpin) I had a KG-7 and I recall many pull start recoil hang-ups. Smacking the top with a chunk of 2X4 usually freed the recoil up. And twice the little flat head allen screw in the center of the recoil vibrated loose and went bye-bye.

    Other than that minor annoyance, my KG-7 rocked! I had it on a 14' fairly light plywood runabout, had it jacked with cedar shingle strips until the prop would start to break loose inna turn, and the local marine poo-leece couldn't catch me! Moved up to brand spanky new Mk 25 after a boat racer gave me a wad of cash for my KG-7. The Mk 25 was only a shade faster.
    Alright, sorry for reviving a zombie thread, but does anyone have more info on this? I am in a similar situation, acquired a super hurricane in good shape but the recoil is jammed. I've taken it apart and lubbed it but it still won't pull the motor over. With the recoil/tank off the engine, I can spin it easily without plugs in. It's definitely like the recoil is stuck, but I have no idea on what the heck it is stuck on. Taking it apart did nothing.


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      It may be hitting the flywheel. Some took spacers on the studs/bolts to keep the starter pawls from contacting the starter cup/flywheel
      Center lock bolt & nut cannot be over-tightened or this will cause slow/no rope retraction
      Reread post- The rewind wont turn over with it off? I'd highly recommend taking it to someone who knows what they're doing. Pain in the ass rewinds
      FYI-be very careful in that little boat. They were not designed for competition, just lake play