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Yamato 102

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  • Yamato 102

    Yamato 102, Scott Clark’s original motor (possibly may have been Jerry Davids also). Fully blueprinted Goller prepped engine, meticulously put together, parts weighed, etc. Static compression, 139 top 140 bottom with 18mm head (would expect this to jump to 150-152 with a 14mm head based on Y80 experience). Crankcase has a proper provision for adding pulse line to run a fuel pump. Engine is fresh, minimal running time since last tuneup. Foot done by Cronk. Brand new set of straight gears and a mag plate with 2 dead coils to be sent out for rewind go with this engine. Located just south of Sault Ste Marie Ontario. Call or text <a href="tel:705-297-9192">705-297-9192</a> for more info and pictures. Can also deliver into Michigan. Will probably be heading to Tweed next month, can hand off motor to someone there also. Bottom line is $2200 US or $3000 CDN, this is exactly what I have into this engine. You’d be hard pressed to find anything close to what this motor is for any price. Put it on the back of your boat and go!
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