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Kamato Lower unit

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  • Kamato Lower unit

    I have a Kamato 11-15 ratio I bought new for a 250 runabout. It has one heat on the unit. Was saving it for a 125 mod or pro engine but we never got involved with the class. It is in new condition, looking for $750.00. Can provide pictures if interested.

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    Also available are 12-16 Yamato, 12-14 Yamato, 12-15 Yamato units.


    • dwhitford
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      Retirement sale by Dave Whitford:

      Fishing engines for sale:

      - Collectible 1938 3.5-horse Evinrude 2-cylinder (opposed) Fisherman - $35
      - 1959 4-cylinder 40 cubic-inch Merc Thunderbolt - $40
      - 1960s-vintage 44 cubic inch Merc Thunderbolt - $45

      These engines all ran when I stored them 20-odd years ago but might need some tweaking and tender-loving-care to get going again.

      C-Service Runabout rig:

      - 1980 bubble-deck 13'3" DeSilva runabout originally bought by Karl Williams in 1980, then purchased from a guy in
      north-central Wisconsin by me in April 2000 and then completely refurbished by me;
      - 1946-48 vintage high-compression, exhaust-ported Evinrude Speeditwin with 1931 style racing gearbox and Vacturi
      carb, can run on either gasoline or methanol. Fuel feed can either be from the Evinrude's gravity tank or pressure fed
      from an in-boat fuel tank. The rig has not been on the water since I put it together. - $1800

      11-foot Hal Kelly Foo-Ling runabout built new by me in 2014. Has an outboard transom -mounted fuel tank and all
      fully-rigged hardware. Never been on the water. - $1200

      250 cc Hydro rig:

      -- Unique 12'-7-1//2" tunnel- bottom 4-point hydroplane built by Buddy Smith in 1980 and updated several times by me.
      Boat is stable at an indicated 94 mph with my 250 Quincy Z-engine This boat might not be competitive against
      current-day 250 hydros but would make an excellent 125cc or 175cc hydro. - $500
      - 1979 Quinncy Z-engine updated through the years by me and Mike Schmidt, who won a championship with it in the
      early 2000s. Mike put on side-mounted reed valves, and I adapted Mikuni flat-slide carburetors, 1st 36mm carbs and
      later 38mm carbs when I got the engine back from Mike, who "borrowed" it for 10 years. I also completely updated
      the exhaust system when I got the engine back from Mike. This has to be the fasted Qunicy Z-engine ever! - $1100

      This stuff is available only by pickup at my house \in Toano, East VA, just 1.5 miles from Exit 227 on I-64. Phone seven fifty seven- five sixty six- nineteen twenty eight or email me at sdwhitford@cox.net for an appointment and directions.