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large SRP Jacket

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  • large SRP Jacket

    Size large SRP life jacket with 45 inches of leg straps for the racer with large circumference thighs. After much testing we found this jacket averages 4 extra mph in a runabout and extra 5 mph in a hydro. Along amazing with top speed, we noticed rapid acceleration out of the turns measured by the accelerometer on the Mychron. This stylish sexy SRP jacket is the right combo of safety, sex, and beautiful high visibility yellow. A certain winner possibly made by boat racing gods. Not only will this high-quality safety gear get you checkered flags but will most certainly attract the ladies in the pits as well. The manufacturer tag is a little worn most likely from being worn at high speed and all the ladies pawing it. $250 Serious injuries only.
    I couldn’t get the photos to load so please email me jtbried@gmail.com and I will send you pix.

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    JT Bried