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Looking For a Evinrude 45SS Foot. New, Used, Reconditioned, Slightly Used, Etc.

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  • Looking For a Evinrude 45SS Foot. New, Used, Reconditioned, Slightly Used, Etc.

    Tim Kurcz is building me a new Evinrude 49.7. I’m now in need of a 45SS foot. Does anyone have one or know someone who might or be able or have a source of a good used, rebuild, slightly used, a reconditioned one, I could beg for for, not really borrow, or maybe even steal. I know of Seaway Marine in Seattle has new ones at times, reconditioned and have talked to them. Just snooping around. email (that’s a q not a g)
    Thanks Rod
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    Do yourself a favor and buy a new one. I have bought used ones and have had bad luck. Trust me and buy a new one... and take good care of it... change the oil every race. You will be better off in the in the long run. It’s pay me now or pay me later... if you get my drift.

    Dean F. Hobart


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      Oh boy do I get your drift, Dean. I had replace a set of gears recently, ouch, try that in Canadian Dollars. We aren’t what you call serious racers, but with the power that Tim Kurcz’s motor’s produce I know I should be buying a new one. But the 45SS is so bulletproof, finding a good used and putting a little TLC into it isn’t that bad is it? I’m just asking and thinking? The 45SS foot I have now they don’t seem so finicky as the 44XS Foot’s on the boys boats?
      Plus a new 45SS foot goes for $3500.00 in our poor little dollar, $2495.00 in yours, that’s an extra $1000.00 hit for just running having some fun with the boys.

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    Dean is right you never know what you get in these gear cases and he is telling you right on great maintenance to change the gear oil each race.
    Ex: I bought my 25ss new in '73 and tested and raced the heck out of it and now lots of use at AOMCI meets. These ABC type gear cases can have expensive problems if not maintained well and they are now not cheap to replace. .Still have the same engine and gear case and all that has been changed in the case are the 5 seals. Same internal bearings and outer cone bearings, gears, shafts, cone nut, etc . I changed the gear oil after each use and greased the outer cone bearings after each use, cheaper than parts to replace.

    Not an Erude foot but same principles apply
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      I have a 25XS and 2- 44’s, plus an Evinrude 49.7 on my laydown, which Tim K. is building me another one for. I change the lube and grease the needle bearings after every 1/2 to an hour of running. We only have a non serious regatta once a year at our local lake, most of the time it’s just myself and my 2 grown boys just playing around. Once or a couple times a months some buddies show up and we rat race around the lake. All in fun!
      Check out our Facebook page, it’s mostly a Drag Racing Regatta, but we put on a pretty good show with our 4 to 6 boats that show up, no classes, just run what you bring. We are a crowd favourite, my family raced on the same waters, beach and pits back in the 50’s & 60’s, it’s very special.
      Facebook, Alberni Valley Regatta