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Spare trailer and spare hardware

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  • Spare trailer and spare hardware

    One of our spare trailers. Holds 3 boats, all steel, comfortably holds 2 motors on each side but have squeezed in more. Floor of motor box DOES NOT come out. Boats not included. No idea what it is worth but I have about $850 invested. Will listen to reasonable offers.

    A couple of spare keller steering wheels and coaming throttles and a few transom or coaming mount gas tanks. Will accept reasonable offers.

    Spare Harley Road King Classic.

    Looking to downsize on extra toys we don't need.

    Russ Waterson
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    Russ,any pictures of hardware????


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      I will try to get some pictures tonight. If you are interested I can throw everything in a box and swing by your place and let you pick through it. 352-397-5897


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        Hey Russ - Good seeing you (and Roo, too!) at Crystal Lake. Got any 15A OMC stuff?


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          Originally posted by Chinewalker View Post
          Hey Russ - Good seeing you (and Roo, too!) at Crystal Lake. Got any 15A OMC stuff?
          All I have left is 20H, 25SS and Merc C engines. Hanging on to all of it. I have some Alky stuff but I am keeping that too.
          I wanted to come watch your son's first race, just as I watched your first race, but I was having so much fun building the new machine and gunsmithing shop that I lost track of time.
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            I gave the top boat away and it won the Nationals this year in AXR with Izzy Hearn at the controls. Ed refurbished it first. The bottom boat is Joey's J AX ASR carbon Fiber fully rigged Racecraft. Our pitbull chewed a few holes in it where Joey also put his head through the deck. If you want to patch the deck LLiam can bottow it for 2 or 10 years. I ran a 20H on it too. You both could drive it. Otherwise it is going in storage with my small collection of Bezoats, Hedlund, Hemp and Racecraft boats. Let me know....

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          Let me think on the runabout. Thanks!


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            could be interested in the steering wheel also need some coming pullies all from the 70s


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              My apologies, I've been helping one of my daughters with her car the last few days. I will get pictures and measurements tomorrow after work.


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                Do you still have the used hardware? Need for newbe.