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Prop for 30h wanted

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  • Prop for 30h wanted

    Looking for a good 3 blade for my 30h lake racer hydro. Looking for something that would get up easy but might be a little short on the top end.

    I have both of the original Merc props for the 30h, 48-25845-cu and a 48-25844-h if anyone is interested.
    Mike B
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    I'm interested in the two props you have for sale
    717 919 4726 thx
    George Bressler
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      I have a couple that might work for you.. used to race C-Mod w/ a 30H. Both are Dewalds, call me 207-895-3428 Lyn


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        George, I put them on ebay yesterday, Lyn I bought 1 but I'll call if it doesn't do the job. Anyone making a nice complete set of pipes for the 30h these days?
        mike b


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          Good evening everyone, sorry not trying to step on anyone's toes here, but I have some 30H components if anyone would be interested. I have a complete gear housing, exhaust pipes, box of props, tower housing and more. These are from a Brinkman 30H I had. I was trying to make a new post, but not having any luck with it so I could include photos. Again I'm sorry for stepping in on this conversation. But, if anyone would be interested, you can contact me at I would be more than happy to send photos of the components. Eric


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            Interested in the pipes, please send pix to