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  • FYI For Sale Ads

    There was a unwritten rule that items for sale were not to be bumped until the second day (48 hours) after the last bump. So if you think you are bumping your ad to early don't do it. Give it a couple days. If a person is looking to buy they will find your ad and you.

    I guess this makes it a written rule now.

    Also if a NEW person makes an offer on your equipment and you think it is way out of line decline politely. Don't be rude. I have been informed that two folks getting into the sport have decided to go Karting for this very reason. They were insulted by the seller and in this declining sport we really don't need this. Remember new folks don't have a clue on the value of this equipment.

    Please do not post multiple threads for the same item as it clutters the server and monopolizes the first page of this forum. Give everyone an equal chance to get their items seen.

    Please feel free to use words in the "tag" line that help to make your item more search friendly.

    It would be nice if you are using HYDRORACER.NET to sell your items if you become a team member, not a requirement but it sure would help to support the site.

    Thank you!

    Complaints regarding non shipment of purchased (paid for) items will be taken seriously and the threads and the sellers account will be removed.
    Mike - One of the Montana Boys

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