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Looking for Yamato 80 powerhead gasket set

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  • Looking for Yamato 80 powerhead gasket set

    Hey guys, I'm going thru a Yamato 80, had low compression, after tearing it down discovered the rings were stuck from sitting so long. Trying to reassemble, ordered a gasket kit from team j racing, but haven't gotten a response in almost two weeks. Does anyone know where to find gaskets for the y80? Mainly crankcase to cylinder block gasket, and powerhead to lower unit gasket

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    There are basically two options. Tom Johnston who you can reach at 517-451-9120 or Ric Montoya at http://www.yamatoracing.com/


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      Those are good choices
      Do you have a owners manual for the Y80 if not look here at Ric Montoya's site that is posted above

      Upon reassembly adjust the block + crank case + exhaust section to be perfectly flat at the bottom (there is some slack in the bolt holes to do this) and level the tuner pipe so it will contact the gasket and not leak exhaust (see Y80 manual for details). If shims are needed to raise and level the tuner pipe at the 3 secure bolts can make them with alum can and hole punch and trim round with scissor. Note the torque specs and use a good T wrench, it not right it matters on performance.
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