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    Thanks to all who helped put the race on, my first time at a race even bought a boat, I'm hooked no doubt about it, hung up snowmobile racing and decided to pursue a lifelong dream can't wait to get my feet wet, again thanks to all especially those who took the time to explain the ins and outs classes etc, cheers Paul

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    I have to agree with you. I went to franklin on Saturday and it was not at all what I expected. It was way better. Very laid back and the people are very easy to talk to. Not enough time in one day to soak up all the info I wanted but got every question I had answered with a smile. The Sees guys even recognized me from the forum without me even saying anything just by the questions I asked. And Steve French was running an old merc30 just like my original plan was. Boy was that thing loud.
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      Glad you enjoyed it. We were kind of looking to see if you came---pretty hard to do since have no idea what you look like. Yes, Steve's motor is very loud!


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        Wish I was a more outgoing person because I could have bothered everyone there with my questions. I did realize very quickly that slowly getting into racing is very much achievable for me. Looks as if Iím very close to having a great motor. Just need to get the feel of things in my vintage boat and then land me a modern day rig. Funny that Steveís motor got my attention very quickly because it was exactly my original plan. He was a real nice guy and had no problem with me just hanging around while he was getting it fired up and ready to go.