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  • What are friends for.

    After the warm up lap. Steve Lee's engine quit. And with no kicker boat in sight.
    Here's what happened.

    And yes he was able to make that heat.

    Here's the final. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTeJo8af5hM&t=7s

    After being cursed with electrical Gremlins. RJ was only able to finish one Heat. First place Jason Williams. Second place went to Jared Wallach. Third place was Dean Comer. Jason Williams cross the finish line with people on their toes he must have been completely airborne. One of the best wheelies I ever seen. Afterwards I asked him if that was his Pilot experience or was he just **** lucky. He said he thought it was a little of both. However from my perspective I think it was a little bit more luck.
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