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Kyle Bahl driving the Sidewinder in 20 SSH

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  • Kyle Bahl driving the Sidewinder in 20 SSH

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    Just thought I'd mention that this is Patrick Gleason's new boat.


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      Good run... 20 c.i. vs. 20 c.i. Looks like he just stayed on the outside and ran away!!!


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        It only looked that easy.....if you follow the video from the start, he actually started in lane 2 and held that all the way to his exit of turn one on lap one. It was only once he got a comfortable margin that he moved out and ran away.

        This is our 4th year of the Sidewinder project. We've gone from having trouble getting off the beach in the first year to finally winning a heat straight up now. We still are a few MPH off where we would like to be (hey, who isn't?), but things finally appear to be headed in the right direction. Thanks to Dewey Anderson for building a super boat, Racing Outboards LLC and MT for their excellent support, and Dave Bennett for some great prop work!

        "No, THAT is why people hate him."