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    great racing.. Heat two was even better
    Maroney Racing


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      Cool thing about our region. Mod & Pro guys just want to run and have fun. The White boat is Lee in his new rocket ship euro style boat running almost 100mph. The black boat is my 750 running deck to deck with Mark Allen's 850. What a blast trading leads in the corners then having that grunt pull away from me in the straightaway. What a fun weekend with my good friends. The icing on the cake was watching my son win his first race in J hydro. Thanks for the video.
      Bill Dingman "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."


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        Bill, I want to put one of you mod guys in one of those rocket euro boats!!!! Then you will see what a ride is all about. I think the 125 boat will work for your application because of the extra width both between the sponsons and at the rear too. It is 40 inches wide at the rear, that will carry the weight just fine.


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          Hi Bud,
          You build a beautiful boat. Lee says it's the nicest boat he's ever driven. From a guy who's driven as many as him thats quite a statement. We have talked about a mod on your boat. It's a bit of a spendy experiment. If someone close to you tries that please let me know. Have a good summer.
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          Bill Dingman "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."


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            Thanks for the compliments and yes I will keep you informed.


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              Hello Bud,

              How about an E-Mod 3 holer OMC motor on one of your boats?????

              Dean.............................................. .........

              Dean F. Hobart


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                Dean, off the subject for a moment, got a call and then an e-mail for Lester Cooper in New Zealand, he said you told him to contact me and I helped him with his questions and sent him a set of plans for the boat he wants to build and some photos. Now back to your question, I think the mod motors will work on the euro style boats, but will have to be wider than the 250/350 boats to carry the weight and the slower speeds. I think the 1215/175 boat will fill the bill, it is wider between the sponsons to let in more air and is 40 inches wide between the air traps at the back, this will help carry the weight and the speeds are comparable with the 125 pro hydros. High 80's to 90 mph. You hear all these big numbers but we don't race on a two mile long straightaway. Give me a call and let's talk about this. 863-808-2043