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    Dave, this forum used to have a feature on which I could comment on your post about wanting to sit in a kneel-down boat, Now that option is gone.

    Here's the solution: the old-fashioned side-mounted tiller bars as on the old engine-powered Saint Lawrence River skiffs. You mount the tiller bar at an easily accessible location on the right coaming. Pushing the tiller bar forward makes the bow turn left, and vice-versa. This tiller bar is cabled conventionally thru a steering hub on the dash as for kneel-down racing with a steering wheel.

    The advantage is that you get to sit. The disadvantage is that you can't throw your weight around inside the cockpit as might be necessary during a race. Take your pick!


    • Dave Cofone
      Dave Cofone commented
      Editing a comment
      My design idea uses a convention set up but the seat is a sliding seat as used in rowing shells. This way you can move your weight fore and aft to adjust ride angle of attack. Leaning still would be limited but you could lean. Also move the steering wheel up and tilt slightly forward so your feet do not get trapped under the dash or wheel. A flat bottom wheel would also help. Since all my stuff is basically spoken for I doubt I'll get to try it but the feedback is interesting.