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Drivers, Recycle Your Engines...

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  • Drivers, Recycle Your Engines...

    previously published: Propeller April 15

    ...And your racing career. It has been thirty years since many of the production outboard engines were introduced to APBA stock racing. Running faster and stronger than ever, there are countless of these great racing engines in your trailers and basements. With the advent and introduction of newer engines into the stock category, the competitiveness and monetary value of theses older engines has decreased, but not their usefulness.

    So many stock outboard supporters have repeatedly voiced their passionate displeasure of having their beloved engines from the 1980’s, and associated propellers, replaced with more current ones. Put in an almost impossible position, the stock commission has to appease and appeal to the majority of existing stock competitors, while they also have to keep the stock category current by accepting new engines and providing a place for new equipment to excel and compete, on a level playing field.

    Where does that leave you as an owner or driver? After years of developing and optimizing your older stock equipment, do you purchase one or two new engines to continue to compete in stock outboard? This is what most drivers did in the ‘80’s to continue to race. Do you consider modifying or having your engines modified to compete in the mod category? Or do you quit and keep your old race engines as keepsakes or sell them for pennies on the dollar of what they were worth?

    These are real problems that the drivers of our sport currently face. I arrived at these crossroads with my stock equipment 10 years ago. After much aggravation that my championship equipment was not as competitive against newly introduced engines, I needed to choose... Either redefine my personal boat racing fantasy or quit.

    Modifying some of my stock engines and redefining my racing program was much less dramatic than I anticipated: So much of your existing equipment will apply while keeping your old friends and maybe meeting some new ones, same race courses, same pits, better handling, more acceleration, more speed, great competition, consistent rules and a lot of people wanting to help you.

    You don’t have to define yourself as a stock or a mod driver or as a hydro or a runabout racer. I’m happy to be dude that races boats and has so many great options to do so. Was my decision to modify some of my stock engines a good one? For me, you bet. I’ve extend my competitiveness and my career by 10+ years, gaining a new set of amazing competitors and with no excuse not to continue to race.

    As an outside observer, the newer engines introduced into the stock category (15ci. Sidewinder, 20ci. Sidewinder, restricted 302 and Tohatsu) are producing more performance than the older engine options. If you are a stock driver, you probably have arrived at this crossroads as well. Your OMC A stock can easily be converted to a mod, where you use your same boat and props in 200, an exclusively Johnson and Evinrude class. In the 250 class, the 15 Hot Rod with exhaust pipe, produces one of the best power to weight ratios in our sport. Pipes and elbows are available and easy to attach. The 20ssH class has become primarily a restricted 302 class. With the payment of $750.00 on your credit card through APBA, you can get a complete exhaust kit for your Yamato 80 to be used in the 350 mod class. Existing for four seasons, the 102 and 302 APBA Yamato Exhaust Kit has assisted two drivers in capturing national titles in the 500 class. And lastly, speaking from experience, there is plenty of new and used parts to convert your Merc 44 into a 750 mod; creating an indescribable performance boost with an awesome acceleration gain.

    As drivers, we are faced with new changes and a lot of options. If you are considering becoming a non-racer because of your outdated race equipment, reconsider. Your equipment is not outdated. Your existing, beloved, engines just need to be updated and re-purposed. Just when you thought you were out, we’ll pull ya back in... For more fun, a better ride and more wins.

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    recycled!! Click image for larger version

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      Very nicely said Brian. I agree 100%

      Jeff Scheffler 61W