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Hydroplane/Runabout Race Boat Display

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  • Hydroplane/Runabout Race Boat Display

    What: Kneel Down Hydroplane & Runabout Race Boats and Motors (Sled Racing to be determined.)
    Where: Cranberry Mall, Cranberry, PA
    When March 2015 (Dates to be announced)

    Charlie Fry & Mike Stevenson would like to invite those interested to display a fully rigged race boat at our promotional display to contact us at (814) 670-9737 or via Hydroracer.net/Mike45 or mail to:
    Mike Stevenson
    PO Box 163
    Rouseville, PA 16344

    We would like your participation/knowledge to join us in this promotional display. I would also like to ask of any that have flyers with information about the sport such as Boats, Motors, Racing Gear/Safety Equipment, Hardware Sales and any other literature, Decal, videos or banners pertaining to this sport.

    I would also like to have a theme of Summer Racing & Winter Racing. So I would like anyone who is involved or has contacts in our area about Snowmobile Racing that would be interested in joining us by displaying Racing Snowmobiles in the same way at the same time. By doing this it is my belief that we could draw a greater variety of interest to the public.

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    Great idea to get new racers. Wish I could make it out. Berwick Area Boat Club has plans to display at marinas. DVORA had 3 or 4 rookies at Millville this weekend. Good to see.
    Mark 55P
    Team Tower
    Hydroplane Division