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ACBS - 100 Years of Racing Theme July 6 2013

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  • ACBS - 100 Years of Racing Theme July 6 2013

    Dear Race Friends,
    Antique Classic Boat Society Toronto in partnership with TORC is proud to celebrate 100 Years of Boat Racing, Saturday July 6, 2013, at Muskoka Wharf, Gravenhurst. This celebration will feature the re-launch of restored Miss Canada IV, vintage inboards, and outboards inclusive of current racing classes.

    ACBS has invited TORC to showcase Outboard Racing on water and via static display. There will be 2 two hour on water demonstrations through the day, late morning and afternoon. Inboards will be out for an hour followed by Outboards. Muskoka Bay local boat traffic will be managed by authorities, with a dedicated oval course established for Inboards and another for Outboards. TORC and ACBS Exec have been collaborating several months, see link for event details: http://www.acbs.ca/index.php/boat-show

    Tentatively, TORC will feature the following OB classes, in 20min on water flights:

    - BCH: 20H and 20SSH
    - CSH & DSH: 30H, Y302, 55H
    - T-850 49 &56ci Voodoo, Critch, Delta, Oasis.
    - Drags: STV, Hydrostream, Allison

    This WILL be the Greatest Race Boat Show in Canadian History.
    It WILL provide TORC and SO with tremendous exposure to new racers, current and potential sponsors.
    It WILL provide the general public, boating community, racing and vintage enthusiasts with a distinct flavor of who we are, what we do, and our mission to promote and grow family oriented outboard racing in Canada.

    However, TORC’s representation on this spectacular day is only as strong and convincing as our member’s enthusiasm to represent TORC with passion, front and center.
    We require boats on water for demo, want ALL classes represented in the static display area, inclusive of ASH, CSR, Drags, T-Cat, T750/850, manned by enthusiastic volunteers prepared to passionately share TORC, and racing in Ontario. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS AND BOATS!!!

    For all the other work we do promoting TORC(eg: TIBS, Racer School, online promo, etc….), this will be the single most significant event in the foreseeable future.

    MISS CANADA IV update below, painstaking detailed restoration, almost complete, upcoming testing, public unveiling.
    TORC has history with MC IV. June 2011 was TORC and MC IV’s weekend return to Gravenhurst after a LOOONG absence. From our resurrected race she went directly to restoration.
    See link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wTknE3-RGM

    Again, TORC is very proud to be associated with this event. We ask for your enthusiastic participation to make this day a success for TORC and racing in Ontario for YOU!!

    NA SO members, we invite you to join us in Gravenhurst to watch and participate in the show, see beautiful Ontario cottage and lake country.
    KOA camping nearby, hotels in the area.
    Stay tuned, more to follow in coming days. This will be followed by further invitation to our SO US cousins, welcome to bring your boats up for on water or static demo. The event will be CBF Vintage sanctioned & insured, racing safety standards will apply.

    Erik Luksep
    VP, TORC
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