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MHRA Nationals Promotion

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  • MHRA Nationals Promotion

    Despite how hard the newspapers and media have been hit in our economic slump, MHRA has done a wonderful job promoting this year's Stock Outboard and J Nationals. Below is a link to an article that was run in Wednesday's Detroit Free Press. The feature was run in color on the third or fourth page in the Sports section. In addition to the free press we have had features on Michigan drivers and on the event in the Tecumseh Herald, Southgate newspaper, Livingston County Press and Argus, and Jackson Patriot and we will have stories in the paper within the week from the Chelsea/Dexter, Milan, Saline, Kalamazoo, and Lansing area newspapers. A few Michigan members have also been on Jackson's (Largest neighboring community, 10 miles west of Grass Lake) local News and TV stations. Also with FREE ads on craigslist and countless other world wide web calendar posts, spectators, we would hope, should be at a maximum on Friday and Saturday for finals.

    These are all totally free ways of promotion, if each club can do this type of promotion for even just one of our club races a year, Stock Outboard will get the exposure it needs.

    Now I'll stop blabbing and let you see the links for yourself:


    Here's another link from the Howell Press and Argus, it reaches all Livingston County

    Elek Hutchinson

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    More Promo Idea's From Badger State Outboard Assn

    Agreed ! I too have learned from practice and experience with this whole promotional thing... I have only been organizing races in Reg-7 for a few years now. (Pleasant Prairie & Pell Lake) I feel Ive learned SO much in this short time.

    A simple "PRESS RELEASE sent out 4 weeks and then 2 weeks prior to a race is not only beneficial, but crucial.
    Always note how your races are "free to the public" (most are, right?)
    Mention that your a "Non-Profit Group"
    Send this same press release to the city/town/community "Chamber Of Commerce" nearest your race.
    Dont forget your State's Dept of Tourism too!

    Do all this and you'll be quite surprised at how much free press you end up with. I sure was !

    In closing, to Hutch06: your links seem to be dead now. I was hoping to see the coverage you got from these newspapers. Maybe you can track down the links in their archives and edit in the new links here?

    Here is an article from our Pell Lake, Wis race: (still active as of Sept 1)

    I also believe a SAMPLE press release, similar to what I use is posted on the Promo part of the APBA website too


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      New Articles


      Here are what links I could find that are still left online from online newspapers. Another quick and easy way of promoting in addition to the press release is to submit the event under "community calendars or events" and things of that nature. An example being this link: (http://www.visitjacksonmi.com/things...p?CAI=2396)Any exposure is good exposure.

      Jackson Patriot

      Post Race:


      Most of the links for other stories have since died or been taken off of local news' sites but I do have copies of a Livingston County news and Lansing State Journal that covered Nationals in a feature about Mark Miskerik... a similar story was done in the Detroit Free Press on the Welling's Family, and I believe with Terry Kerr in the Southgate/Downriver newspapers.
      Elek Hutchinson