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  • Joe Swift Hydroplane

    Not to sure if this is the right place to ask about this, if not let me know where I should be posting it. I have a Joe swift hydroplane that was my father in laws it has been in storage for about 45 years I just managed to dig it out of the shed and was wondering if anyone could tell me what it may be worth. I would like to sell it since I don't have the room to store it and I will never use it here. I live in Calgary Canada. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    It is a D Stock Hydro. The motor is a Mercury ‘D’ Mark 40 H.... obviously the motor was raced on that boat.

    You should be able to get a value by going to the AOMCI web site. That is the Antique Outboard Motor Club Inc. Their web site has a Classified section. The value in my opinion would be several thousand dollars... not sure of actual value.... but there should be someone who has interest in the equipment.

    Dean F. Hobart


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      Swift’s were built in Florida but shipped all over. It appears to be in great condition, the value on these old race boats really depends on a few things. Any notable history(driver or championships) or unique or uncommon(Willis) and what someone is willing to pay for it. There are still a lot of swifts still around, I know of a swift CSH that was restored and had all original hardware and it went for about $1200, another gentlemen was selling a swift BSH fully restored with original paperwork from the dealership and get this, the original mercury KG7H (restored and in running condition) that the original owner had bought with the boat in the 50’s. I believe that was selling for $4500-5000 for the boat, motor and a road trailer.
      Johnny Wlodarski III


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        Prices are all over depends on condition, history, etc

        Here is a 1953 Swift D with a KG9 that belonged to George Taylor and I know sold for more than $1, George told me but I do not recall the price. Saw it at an AOMCI meet in Tavares Fla 3 years ago, great condition engine runs great.


        Swift Atomic A $1000 great condition no engine


        This is not a swift it is a Hal Kelly wetback with engine, Sold on BAT (Bring A Trailer) auctions for $5500 - yikes!


        You might try BAT auction?
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          PM sent,
          cheers, Mike