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Merc 44 parts and engine

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  • Merc 44 parts and engine

    Retirement sale. Looks like I am going to have time to screw with this until racing resumes. Have a lifetime of racing parts I would sell now. Was out in the shed and counted 9 Merc 500 blocks along with crankshafts endcaps etc, I also have a couple sets of pipes. I would also like to sell a ready to race 750, E mod engine complete. This is not junk !st class. Electronic ignition, steel downhousing, Komato L/U. PM me or call 314 960 9875, 314 960 9874, To much stuff to list. You never know I may have it.

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    -any oversize M30 pistons or rings ? or a good p/h?
    Brian Hendrick, #66 F
    "the harder we try, the worser it gets"


    • Larry M
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      I have 2 complete Mark 30 for sale $350.00 each. I think I have a few used +.015 over piston and a few assorted new rings. Also have a few NOS Turner pistons Phone 660-775-2475

    • bh/
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      LM; -my pistons were good, and we found o/s rings . thanx
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    I know I should know this because I have been messing with outboards for 50 years or so, but: What is the stroke of the Merc crank? What is the bore of a 40"? What is the bore of a 44"?


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      No 30 Merc. parts.


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        40 & 44 mercantile have a stroke of 2.125 40 std. bore is 2.441 44 std. bore is 2.561


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          I don’t know how that mercantile got in there but you know it is suppose to be MERCURY!!


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            Thanks, and don't tell my friends in the PRO division that I had to ask. Let me save face!!


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              Ok Pete G. I wont say a word lol!!!