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WTB: Used cut pants and Life jacket

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  • WTB: Used cut pants and Life jacket

    Looking for some used safety gear. Looking for an XL Jacket with skid collar around the neck, and the longer back that goes down below the waistline. Also looking for cut pants size 38. Brand not necessarily an issue, but need the color to be orange. Thanks!

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    I have a brand new orange skid collar, never used. Also a pair of short kevlar skid pants that I wore over jeans before the more complete pants were required. Had a friend got hurt with water forced up his rear and did not want that to happen to me. I am 5'10" about 150 when I raced. Make me an offer.


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      What size are the products? I am looking for my brother who is 5'10 and about 220. Some of my current stuff could go to him if we can find the right size but i am over 6' and 230. Thanks!


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        A1 Racing:

        Doubt the pants would fit as they are zippered in the front and as mentioned I was about 150lbs when I raced. The skid collar is not sized but is adjustable with velcro straps/fasteners. It is shown on the Lifeline web site only is orange instead of black like the one represented.