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Stan Leavendusky, sad news

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  • Stan Leavendusky, sad news

    I am sorry to report that Stan Leavendusky Jr. passed away Thursday. He was a multi time Pro National Champion and will be missed by all. Rest in peace Butch.

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    Sad news indeed. I watched Stan Jr and my dad race many hard laps against each other in C-Service runabout. As a boy it was the highlight of my weekend to watch them battle on the course.
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      So sorry to hear, remember at Winona, he blew the bottom out of a hydro, but finished the race and came toward the pit area, throttle locked, waving both hands from chest to the outside, telling everyone to get the heck out of the way and he beached that baby a good 15' off the water. Will miss his KC drawl a bunch.