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    I'm not going to many boat races these days but I'm never far from the water. Photos taken today from the shore of the Chesapeake Bay with a Nikon D80, Nikkor 18-200mm DX lens.
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    Mark Ritchie
    Former Boat Racer
    21st Century: CSH, CSR, and "J Dad" x2
    20th Century: ASH, ASR, BSR, 25SSH, 25SSR


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    Very nice pictures!

    Just to tease you though this picture was taken last week when testing. 9:00o'clock at night. Sun just setting on a beutiful Michigan lake not far from the house. My son having the thrill that he will remember when he is your age. Life is good thank your maker everyday your able to be free and enjoy the things we do.
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    Tom L.


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      Some great pictures! I love the peaceful and serene beach shots.


      Welcome to hydroracer, we hope you enjoy your visit.


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        Mark & Tom

        Hi Mark and Tom- Great pictures from both of you. The beach scenes remind me of the old days on Long Island and Lake Erie beaches.
        Tom, is Adam getting ready for the NATIONALS? Hope he does well.
        Ye Olde Desert Geezer


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          Not to be a downer on the great pictures but... where is that young man's Kevlar? They call them accidents for a reason. Would hate to have him find out the hard way how important they are. Donny spent 12 hours in his Kevlar last weekend when we were testing and it was in the high 80's, it's just not worth the risk. He's gotten enough stitches in his back from his own prop.
          "Ask anyone, I have no friends. I do have some people that put up with me and mostly because they like the rest of my family"

          Don Allen