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This hydro with Yamato 202 went very cheap

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  • This hydro with Yamato 202 went very cheap

    Not sure if a Bezoats but cowl looks Karelsen design. Maybe low $ because a 202 per info?

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    That rig was a Bezoat and that should be a 102, not a 202. It was one of Danny Clickners rigs.


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      A very low price for a nice rig, a no reserve auction probably helped that.

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    This is probably not the way of going about this, but as a newbie on the forum I am a bit perplexed. I would like to post a new topic and the Help area say there should be a + New Topic button but I don't seem to be able to find one. When I used the Contact Us option I got a reply from a Theresa who was on the other end of the contact email, that she no longer was part of the forum and couldn't help. I am reaching out here, to you users of the forum, as the only way I can possibly get the info I need to post a new topic. Thanks


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      You can only post in the listed topics on the Forum page. Pick the topic that best matches what you want to post and post it their and it will show up on the latest posts page. As far as the site manager, this site changed owners a short while back and Theresa was the former owner. Go to the help screen and that basically explains what can and cannot be done. The new owner is Alan Van Wheele, but offhand I do not remember his member handle, but you can post with a request to hear from him and he will probably eventually reply when he sees it. Also, if you are desiring to start a new topic as some form of sales tactic, that is not allowed on this forum.


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        Alan's username on this site is OldRacerBU


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          Ok, Thanks for the info. No, not trying to start a new sales tactic, I'm actually trying to find out if anyone has an empty Mark 30H quickie boot I can buy. I cracked mine and unfortunately, the crack ran through the threads for the cone nut so I assume it is not repairable. I still have the gears so only need the empty boot.